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Buy a Kneeboard | Buying the Best Kneeboard for Yourself

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Buying the Best Kneeboard for Yourself

Kneeboarding is one of the fun water activities where people are pulled on a kneeboard behind a motorboat. Kneeboarding can be an exciting competitive sport, but it's also suitable for children or beginners. Since you are on your knees, it can be easier to balance and stay upright on the board, plus, you're closer to the water if you should fall. However, no matter what type of boarder you are, you need to right board for you for a successful ride.


Kneeboard Buying Guide: Types of Kneeboards

There are so many different brands and types of kneeboards available, it can be difficult to know where to start. The first thing you want to consider is what type of kneeboarding you'll be doing: recreational or competitive.

• Recreational

Recreational kneeboards, or boards used for beginners or just for fun, are designed for the novice border. They have soft, wide edges that make it easier for beginners to balance on their board. They may or may not contain fins, found on the bottom of the board. The fins help control steering of the kneeboards, also an asset for beginners. Oftentimes, they also have a hook on the front to latch the handle, so you don't have to hold on while you try to pull yourself up.

• Competitive

A competitive kneeboard utilizes compression moulding, making it extra durable. That also makes them less buoyant, so it's easier to start a run in deeper water. They are thinner, lighter, and have sharper edges, making it easier to do tricks and turns as well. All of these advantages also typically make them more expensive than recreational boards.


Kneeboard Buying Guide: Kneeboard Designs

Kneeboard designs vary depending on the material they are made from and their rocker degree. The rocker, which is the measure of the curve on the bottom of the board, affects the speed of the board and how well it turns. Besides that, there are two basic designs to consider when buying a kneeboard, whether you want a slalom board or a trick board.

• Slalom Board

A slalom board is used for slalom kneeboarding. The board utilizes sharp edges like in a competitive board. However, it has a flatter bottom which improves its balance. They may or may not utilize retractable fins.

• Trick Board

A trick board has a curved bottom that lets a boarder get air, allowing them to do tricks and flips. They utilize round edges, making it easier to turn and improves their performance.


Where to Buy Kneeboards

Now that you know what type of kneeboard you want, you're probably wondering how and where to buy a kneeboard. Two things you want to consider: do you want the best kneeboard selection or do you want the best customer service and help in selecting a board?

If you aren't quite sure what type you need, or if the style you're looking at suits your needs, it's best to visit a store. Kneeboards can be found at a variety of large box stores and sporting goods stores. Visiting a store allows you to speak with a professional who can help walk you through the process and decide what type of board is best for you.

If you're looking for the cheapest kneeboard you can find, or a plethora of styles and options, it's best to buy kneeboards online with many different brands of kneeboard available. They can be found at any of the major online shopping sites, where you can search for the best kneeboard for you by filtering by style, price, look, and more.

Final Words

Ready to hit the waves? Make sure you are fully prepared. You also want to consider your kneeboarding rope and handle before your first trip. Make sure you have a handle you're comfortable with and that you can keep a good grip on. Consider if you want a rope that stretches or one that doesn't have any slack. It will also greatly affect your ride. And, of course, make sure you have a lifejacket. You want to be prepared if you're pulled under water or left waiting while the boat circles back around.

A few helpful hints: keep your weight on the back of the board and the tip of the board pointed up, and towards your boat. Use your elbows to balance yourself on the board; place them where your knees will go. And, most importantly, have fun!

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