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Change a Car Battery

by Claire Winlow (follow)
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It's a horrible moment when you're sat in the car and the engine won't start. Chances are you have a flat battery or even worse, you need a new one.

If your car won't start by jump starting with another car then it's likely that you need a new battery. It's actually quite straight forward to replace a car battery yourself and it will save you from paying a mechanic to do it for you.

Time: 30 minutes

New car battery

Open the hood/bonnet of your car and locate where the battery is. It will be a large box with wires coming out of it (on newer vehicles it could be hidden under a cover)

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance
Open the bonnet of the car and identify your battery

Using a spanner or appropriate sized socket, disconnect the battery by losening the nuts on the metal fitting which makes contact with the battery.

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance
Losen the nuts

Loosen the mechanism that's holding the battery in place. It's likely that it's quite difficult to get to at so you might need an extending socket set to access the part.
Lift out the battery and brace yourself as they are heavier than you think.

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance
Lift out the battery and be careful as it's heavy

Slide in the new battery.

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance
Time for the new battery

Now carry out the reverse of everything you have done.
Tighten the fitting that holds the battery in place.

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance

Reconnect the terminals ensuring that they don't touch each other at any point.
Make sure that the positive and negative are the correct way round.
Tighten the nuts

car, battery, mechanic, change, maintenance

You're ready to go and have saved a little cash.

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