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Cleanse Your Crystals

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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Most people wear crystals and gemstones as jewellery because they look so beautiful, but there is more to them than just looking pretty. Crystals are also thought to have healing properties, and are often used in holistic methods of alternative medicine. But if you buy crystals with the intention of using them in this way, they first need to be cleansed.

There are several different ways to cleanse your crystals, and some are only appropriate for certain stones. Remember to cleanse your crystal after every healing session so that they can recharge.

Time: 24 hours

Salt (optional)
Smudge stick


Method 1 - Cleanse Crystals with Crystals


Some Crystals are self-cleansing and do not need to be cleansed. These include quartz, citrine, kyanite, carnelian, and azeztulite. These crystals can be used to cleanse other crystals.

You can keep your tumbled stones in a pouch with carnelian and they will never need any other form of cleansing. Alternatively, place a small stone on a cluster of quartz and leave it for twenty-four hours.

Method 2 - Cleanse Crystals with Water

My favourite method of cleansing is with water, but you have to be careful as this method is not appropriate for many types of crystal.

Never put Selenite in water as it is soluble and will dissolve. Some stones are artificially coloured to enhance their appearance. Although putting these stones in water won't harm the crystal, the artificial colouring will bleed out.

* Fill a bowl with water and leave your crystals and gemstones to soak for twenty-four hours. You may also add salt to the water to help with the cleansing process, but only do this with tumbled stones because in their raw formation, crystals can be friable, and might be damaged by corrosion.

Method 3 - Cleanse Crystals with Earth

Crystals originated from the earth, so what better way to cleanse them than covering them in soil for twenty-four hours?

Method 4 - Cleanse Crystals with Sound

Crystals give off vibrations, and are therefore affected by the resonance of sound. Ring a bell or chime about nine or ten times close to your crystals.

Method 5 - Cleanse Crystals with Light

Hold a translucent or clear crystal towards the light and allow it to absorb the sun's energy rays. You can leave it on the window sill to regenerate over the course of the day.

The moon is also a good source of light. Leave your stones in the moonlight overnight.

Do not use brightly coloured opaque stones for this method as the colour could fade.

Method 6 - Cleanse Crystals with Fire

For scrying crystals on a chain, light a candle and briefly pass the crystal through the flame.

Alternatively, light a smudge stick, and waft the smoke over the crystals.

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