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Create Your Own Internet Radio Station

by dwatk (follow)
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Broadcast your own shows and programs over the Internet

Blogging in essence the act of posting content to a webpage or blog. Blogging also involves writing content, most often opinions to someone else's blog page.
Today, blogging is a very important full fledged industry that fuels needed publicity and interest critical to the survival of other industries. Blogging can generate a lot buzz around on a particular person, thing or event.

Blogging ordinarily consists of written interaction involving posted topics and responses. These responses will sit around on the blog spaces for months and years. However, blog talk radio presents a much more interactive approach.
A radio station in addition is a great way to promote yourself as it relates to business or any other aspects of your life.

One of the easiest websites to use in the creation of an internet radio station is “www.blogtalkradio.com".

To create your own online radio station using this site:

1. Inserting the URL in the address box and you will encounter this interface.

2. At this point click on the “Signup button” which is located at the upper left hand corner of the window.

3. At the following page, you have the opportunity of choosing the payment package. The higher priced packages will offer you the greatest amount of privileges. You may of course choose the free package, which unfortunately is the most limited of all the packages, but will still offer you decent functionality just the same.

4. After selecting the package you will need to create your blogtalkradio account by filling out the details of the online form illustrated below. Please ensure that you actually fill in all the boxes. Failure to do so may result in you been redirected to the page until all boxes are filled.

NB. Please ensure that you have your Facebook details at hand. It will be necessary to link your blogtalkradio account to this social media. If you do not have a Facebook account you will be provided with the opportunity of creating one.

5. In creating your account you will be asked to enter your email address and password. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER A FICTITIOUS EMAIL ADDRESS. One simple but nice addition is that this site allows you to use a simple password protect your profile, requiring only 6 characters. So this step should not present you with any snags.

6. Further down in this form you will be asked to enter your URL. This is critical for the potential listeners of your show who will need to locate and participate. Your URL is the face of your show, so ensure that it’s easy to remember as well as capturing the essence of your station.

7. You will be also required to provide a title of your show as well as a description, which will provide patrons with a brief synopsis of the nature of the show.

As seen above you can select your show category then click on “Continue”.

8. At this point you have created your blogtalkradio account. You will automatically be logged out however you may simply log in using the details you just used to create the account.
Click on “Log in”.

Before you can use your account though, you will need activate it by accessing the email account you entered earlier. An email will be sent from blogtalkradio.com to your email requesting that you click the button “Confirm your Account”. Click on that button and you'll be routed back to the website. If for some reason you are not routed to the website after you click on “confirm Your Account”, click on the URL illustrated a few lines below.

9. The next stage in your radio station is geared towards the creation a new show or episode. Before you are able do anything with your station, you are required to create an episode.

10. In creating your episode you will be required to assign a name, a short description that can serves a neat summary. A good description will present a:
a. Short list of the scheduled interviewees;
b. Topics that will be discussed by these interviewees.

11. Continuing on this page will also require you to:

a. enter tags;
b. set the privacy level of your station;
c. Choose social media site, which will be used to publicize your episodes as they are created.

12. When you have chosen the social media outlet for all episodes, you will then be presented with another popup window that will further enable you to tweak the connection. Click on “Accept”.

Your Episode has now been created

NB. If you at anytime become lost you can click on the account button to choose your activity. You can proceed to the studio.

Functional areas of the studio

The studio is the actual work area where the activities of your radio program can be executed. It is quite straight forward and easy to use. The studio has different areas that can be used for radio functions as well as traditional chat features.
One cool feature of the studio is located on the upper left hand corner of your studio. It is a timer which counts down the time to the airing of your next episode.

This area of your studio displays the your "call in number" and "Host pin" that guests may use to contact your station in order to participate in the program. By phone, participants will need to call their host and insert the host pin at the prompt. By computer, direct contact can be used by clicking the microphone button. No pin is needed when using this method.

The switchboard

This area allows you to handle several incoming calls and richly adds to the interaction between callers and host.
The switchboard area will enable you to:

a. accept calls;
b. mute calls
c. screen your calls
d. chat with your participants
e. Call a guest (if you subscribed to the premium package)

Audio Clip management area

The area illustrated below can enable you to upload and manage various audio files. This may include:
a. your program startup music;
b. program close music;
c. commercials;
d. interviews;
e. special effects;
f. background music;
g. the entire show

In this are you may also control the volume of the audio files that have been inserted. This therefore allows you to play background music throughout the whole program.

Promotion Area

This is your show's promotion area. This is primarily used to publicize your program. There is a URL that is provided by the site that will be published on your chosen social media site after you have clicked on the "send" button.

Feel free to play around and get comfortable with the controls of your studio. Experiment with different methods of production as well broadcasting. such as Live shows vs recorded shows.

All the controls are in plain sight. However, for additional information you may click on the little blue i button.

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