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Extend The Life of Your Automatic Transmission

by stanl (follow)
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It can come as a surprise to you that your automatic transmission has just died while you were in a rush to your work. However, it's not a very pleasant surprise. As you can never know, when your automatic transmission leaves you on the side of the road. To prolong the life of your auto transmission, you need to remain alert and cautious while driving. Avoid fast acceleration. Here are a few tips that can help you extend your auto transmission's life:

Regular oil changes: Change oil after every 40,000 kms. Not changing oil on a regular basis is one of the reasons for transmission failure. But simply changing the oil is not enough, the transmission lines and cooler must be flushed to remove old oil and debris, if any. Draining the torque converter of fluid may also be needed. You have to do it by drilling a drain hole as most converters do not have a drain plug. Make sure you don't drill through any components inside the converter. This job requires precision, therefore it is better if you visit some reputed automatic transmission repair shop for the purpose.

Change filter with fluid change: whenever the fluid is changed, your filter should also be changed. Buy a quality filter by spending some extra dollars. Some filters filter out small or negligible amount of debris. Moreover, some filters are not easily replaceable and need the transmission to be removed from the vehicle or partly disassembled. In such cases, it is not economical to change the filter with every oil change.

Easy start-up on cold days: In cold weather, start your vehicle with ease and drive carefully for the first couple of miles. Your auto transmission takes 2 3 miles to get your transmission up to operating temperature. Refrain from rapid starts. Cold fluid is thicker than hot transmission fluid and therefore is not a very good lubricator as compared to hot fluid.

Don't bump while parking: While parking on the street, do not bump the curb, this causes unnecessary load on front wheel shafts. Refrain from bumping your car, it will save your tires and other components from wear and tear, thereby extending the life of your auto transmission. Putting unnecessary stress on engine components should be avoided.

Repair overheating: your auto transmission may not stop working from overheating, but it does put some pressure on your engine. When you drive your engine in hot temperatures, you are not just putting excessive stress on various engine components, but you are also adding some additional heat to your transmission via the engine. Excessive heat and friction in your engine is very dangerous, as this can cause engine breakdown and is one of the main reasons for engine and transmission failure. Get a transmission cooler to avoid excessive heating.

Don't tow beyond limit: when it comes to towing, your manufacturer has set certain limits, above which, you must not try to tow a vehicle. People need to think twice, before towing heavy vehicles as it can lead to some manufacturing defaults. Clutches and bands within the transmission are intended to hold only a certain amount of strain. Above the recommended level, towing heavy vehicles can create excessive heat and can lead to auto transmission failure. This is the second major cause of transmission failure after lack of oil changes.

Special automotive service: automotive transmission cannot be repaired in normal automotive service centres. Every service station needs to be told that you need an automatic transmission repair, otherwise you may not get the right service.

Taking care of auto transmission is not as easy as it is for other automotive engines. Take care of fluid, oils and brakes to extend the life of your auto transmission. Make sure your automatic transmission is repaired every year to keep it going for well into the future.
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