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Get Clear Skin

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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This seems the ultimate goal for most people, but I'm not talking about airbrushed, porcelain like skin that is only achieved by film stars, I mean just good old clear skin. It may seem simple and silly (by those who already possess blemish-free faces), but to attain and maintain a clear visage is a difficult goal for most.

clear skin

Time: 1 month

Salt, sugar, honey, and milk

Dr's Bronners Castile soap (you can buy this online/in American Apparel, and some health food stores)



I can give you a great beauty regime but you must stick to it. I have always had 'alright' skin, a few blemishes now and again, but nothing major. After my first heart break my diet was irregular as was my skincare regime (I had none) and I had terrible, and I mean everyone commented on it, acne. My forehead was covered, my cheeks were a joke.

I felt like I'd tried everything, but 9 months later I discovered the brilliance of 'going natural'. After using expensive creams and washes (and I mean £150 for a 'set' that promised to clear my skin), a friend suggested Dr Bronners baby mild, unscented castile soap. It is an all natural vegetable oil-based soap that only contains 6 ingredients: organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, organic olive oil*, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol

I also read about the effects of exfoliation on young skin; I was exfoliating at least twice a week, but apparently this is too harsh for young skin and can cause more damage than you realise. I threw away my branded facial exfoliant and made my own. Mix the following ingredients and only use it once a week. Any more and you may 'break out':

5 tablespoons of white sugar
5 tablespoons of regular table salt
3 tablespoons of honey
A splash of milk (dairy only because of the protein content)

Mix the scrub together and apply the size you'd normally use to damp skin (when you're in the shower)
When you dry your face don't be too rough, it can aggravate your post-scrubbed skin. Instead press an ice cold flannel (drop it in a bowl of ice water) onto your face and leave for 20 seconds
When you remove the flannel you may be a little red, but patience is a virtue and your skin will calm down because the cold water will have closed your pores
Wait at least two minutes before applying your face cream. It is a misconception that congested skin needs to be dry all the time, this in fact makes your skin produce more oil, and thus more blemishes because it is dry.

You can make the scrub with a few variants too. Instead of the splash of milk add the juice of a lemon, this is especially softening for the skin, it makes your skin silky and you'll have a fruity sheen on your skin. Remember it is not grease, but the fruit oils on your skin, which are great at softening the skin and being a natural moisturiser.

You can also add oats if you like, but sometimes I think it's a bit of a waste because they're not grainy enough for my liking. That said, oats are a milder exfoliant when mixed with brown sugar and honey. Get creative because your skin will love the natural ingredients, and making your own face wash is good for the soul.

I cannot stress enough the imperative of a balanced diet. I am more than aware of the pressures, and stress of daily life where nutrition is not the top of your list, however picking up a packet of crisps is not conducive to a glowing face. Put the sugary snacks down and opt for some nuts instead.

To be more specific, when I say stress the importance of balance in your diet, I'm talking about how regular you are. There is a direct link with your toilet habits and your skin. This has been proven countless times. If you're not going to the toilet regularly the toxins remain in the gut and thus congest the skin. It's simple really.

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