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Hack success

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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While success requires hard work there are many people who put in huge amounts of effort and are never successful. If you want your hard work to pay off or you are just looking for a shortcut to success, then here are some hacks to achieve success.

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Time: As long as it takes to succeeed

Listed below

Fake it until you make it

If you want to be successful you need to project the image of success. Don't take a taxi, take a limousine, don't eat at McDonald's always be seen at the best restaurants in town and so on.

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Be aware that simply pretending to have what it takes to be successful usually doesn't work long if you don't actually have the ability. So don't just fake it, you also have to make it.

Be the right person, in the right place at the right time

Most people who have quick success usually have tried many things over the years. It is often just a matter of luck that they were doing the right thing at the right time that turned all their effort into success.

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You can't succeed locked away from the world dreaming your big idea. You have to get out there and do many things to succeed.

Ride the edge

While people say "Buy low and sell high" most people actually end up "Buying high and selling low". You can hack success by finding real trends early and getting on them. Be aware most people jump on a trend after it is too late.

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Work with successful people

Here is the simplest hack to be successful. Work with successful people and companies. Of course successful people usually don't want to work with you unless you are also successful, so it partly comes down to faking it until you make it.

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However the real hack is to find people whose star is rising as they will be more likely to want to work with you and you can be successful together.

Sell your big dreams

Adolf Hitler's famous speech is one the best examples. "Today we are six, tomorrow we will be six million, today Germany, tomorrow the world!" Hitler was a untalented, delusional, evil nobody, but he dreamed big.

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It is a simple hack, don't sell who you are instead sell people the success you are going to be. You need to have a passion and big dream and tell people about it.

Be part of something bigger

An easy way to hack success is join something bigger. This can be helping someone who is on their way to success, getting a job in a successful organisation or being part of an industry or movement that is successful. Their success will rub off on you.

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Sure there are plenty of people who achieve success by being an outsider, but that takes a lot more time and effort

The secret of success

There is no real secret to success, it is a combination of hard work, ability and luck. Of course real lucky people can hack their own luck.

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