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Heal a Love Based Relationship

by Justine Crowley (follow)
Independent Business Consultant, Doctor, HubGarden Editor and Author/Publisher of four self help books: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/JustineCrowley
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love, relationships, healing, personal development, self help
Some items that symbolise love.

“When a relationship is loving it is truly amazing. Relationships never fail, people just give up.”

Misunderstandings and uncertainty can arise in all forms of relationships from time to time, including loved based ones. Relationships involve commitment, teamwork and empathy. You also need to understand and appreciate others, and also understand their priorities and what is important to them in life. Two way traffic is involved here. If someone did hurt you; in order to move on and heal you need to learn how to forgive that other person as well as yourself. The top tips in healing love based relationships (in particular) are now covered.

love, relationships, healing, personal development, self help
Shifting your focus to the greatness in your partner is absolutely awesome.

Step 1: Communication

You need to communicate your concerns to your partner. If you find something that is annoying you, your partner might just be a reflection of you. We are all personalities and we own all traits. Communicate in a way that is not attacking your partners behaviour. You need to communcate in a loving way. For instance “Honey I love it how you (positive behaviour), however I have noticed that (negative behaviour) has created (this outcome)...” That way a more open and honest conversation can come to the fore. Aim to avoid constructive criticism as much as possible.

love, relationships, healing, personal development, self help
Stop...in the name of love...before you break thy heart...

Step 2: Focus on the Great Things About Your Partner

Focus on the things you admire about them, and more of what you love and admire about them has to come into the relationship. This is law. By focusing on the positive, the negative behaviours might still be there, yet they won’t annoy you and all you will see (through your lenses) are the great things about your partner. Acknowledge and tell your partner about their great points. They will feel loved and appreciated in return.

Step 3: Send Out Love

When you love someone love must come naturally, otherwise you will need to re-think your relationship with that person. Whether you are with your partner or not, send love to them and to everyone on the planet, and the quality of your life will expand. Many people will want to bend over backwards and help you in return.

love, relationships, healing, personal development, self help
A couple having a beautiful time together

Step 4: Book in Quality Time for Each Other

Just like this couple in the image above, you need to set aside some time with your partner and treat this time as you would any other important appointment. That way you’re both relaxed and present to each other. If there are any problems in the relationship, such times can help solve them and strengthen the love. I do agree that absence also makes the heart grow fonder, yet due to our busy lifestyles we also need time to be appreciated with our partners and loved ones.

love, relationships, healing, personal development, self help
Older couple holding hands

Step 5: Do Gary Chapman’s Five Languages of Love Quiz

I do not receive any commissions or kickbacks for mentioning this activity. I mention it because it was helpful to my coaching and therapy clients during my time as a therapist, and I have also used this tool in my own relationship. Whatever love language your partner turns out to be, you will know how to treat that person. Some people might want flowers; while others want more physical touch and quality time together. Everyone is different, and that is the beauty about us.

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