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How To Find Your Hustle- Make Money

by erin. (follow)
Blogger/Writer/Aspiring Millionaire Love of interior design, animals and arts and crafts
"The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. ― Nolan Bushnell

Just about everyone is looking for a side hustle. Often we look at what other people are doing and try to copy it even though it may have absolutely nothing to do we anything we are passionate about. It's important to find a hustle that you love doing so that it doesn't feel like work because it means you are more likely to be successful at it.

For me finding yet another way to hustle money is probably my first passion but my hustle of choice is definitely writing. It's one of those things that I would keep doing even if I didn't make money from it but luckily I can.

Some of the other hustles I have done are:
-Commissioning to sell items for other people
-Flipping freebies,
-Cleaning houses
-Selling Online
-Hair Modelling
-Promotional Modelling
-furniture Upcycling

Anyone can have a side hustle and make money it just comes down to finding the one that works for you and your situation.

To find the perfect hustle you need to consider the following:
1. What are you passionate about
2. Your personality and attitude
3. Time available to hustle
4. Skill set
5. Limitations
6. Problem Solving skills
7. How motivated you are and goal setting
8. What sacrifices you are willing to make to ensure your hustles are successful

I'd like to point out that the point of this exercise is to show that you don't really need to be qualified in something. By all means if you are a hairdresser and work in a salon you might choose to do cash jobs from home in your spare time but for someone like me that isn't really an option because I don't have those sorts of skills. The second thing is that despite not having the skills I also have young children at home which can make hustling a bit difficult because they are my priority and for anyone that has kids will know sometimes even the most basic things don't get done let alone trying to start up a side hustle.

For me that kind of hustle isn't really an option because I am not someone that has those kind of skills. I had to come up with hustles that I could do firstly with a baby at home and secondly didn't require me to have much if any outlay to get it happening. The other thing about hustling is you have to enjoy doing it because sometimes depending on the hustle, its not always going to be great money per hour.

Most people who already have full time jobs or study don't want their side hustles to take over their life. Creating passive income streams is one way to prevent this.

Grab a pen and paper and work your way through the checklist below. The key is to brainstorm without letting the negative interrupt your thoughts. Just keep writing, you can always add more details later but this is to get you headed in the right direction.

Follow the Checklist in determining your hustle.

1. What you are passionate about?

Do you like animals? Can you sew? Do you like driving? Once you have listed your passions, find a way you can make money from it.

Examples of monetising the passion:

-You absolutely love dogs but haven't got the space to have one. Maybe you could get paid to walk other people's dogs on the weekend and save money on your gym membership at the same time.

-You gave your health a shake up and lost a lot of weight and people at work are always asking you how you did it. Why not put together a series of emails and charge them some money to receive the exact program you followed?

-Maybe you know someone that doesn't have time to do the shopping. Why not charge them a fee and you can do their shop while you are doing your own?

2. Your personality and attitude

Chances are that if you are a shy kind of person, doing something such as Nutrimetics where you have to try and talk to a lot of people isn't going to necessarily be for you. On the contrary though, it might just be the thing you need to bring you out of your shell. Even if you are dealing with products that virtually sell themselves you will still have to talk to your customers to organise deliveries or knock on doors to pick up your books.

If your idea of answering a phone with a "yeah?" is your idea of a phone manner doing anything to do with appointment setting or phones is probably not for you.
If you hate the idea of getting sandy or sweaty you probably don't suit being anyone's exercising buddy either.

Your attitude is paramount in how well you will succeed with your hustle. If you aren't enjoying it, roll your eyes at having to do it, it's just not going to stick.

3. Time available to hustle

Do you have a full time job, a rich and full social life, weekend sporting commitments or are you a parent or carer? What would you be doing if you weren't hustling? Watching TV? Drinking?

Try setting aside blocks of time in which to concentrate on your hustle. You might even have a dream to make your hustle your full time job one day. It is important to have a plan in place as to how you are going to develop that. For instance if your dreamis to be blogging full time and earn a decent income doing it, you might choose to set aside 1-2 hours everyday to research the content for your posts or dedicate specific post writing time.

4. Your skills set

A lot of your skill set can link directly back to your personality and attitude.

You might only think about obvious skills. For example you can spell but you have never really had a crack a creative writing. Why not just try? If you don't come up with anything you think could be potentially inspirational to others, that's ok but at least you know for sure you can't do it. On the other hand you might surprise yourself and find a new passion.

If you have several skills think about a way you can combine them.

Examples of combining skills:

You are great at posting Facebook comments that get a lot of responses, people love your photos you post up on to Instagram and your girlfriends are always asking you to help them with picking out what to wear on a Saturday night. You could start start a fashion blog and Facebook page or start hash tagging the brands you are wearing to alert the companies and potentially earn money.

You are always helping out your Nanna with changing a light bulb, fixing a chair or stopping a leaky tap. She is always telling her friends how helpful you are. Why not get her to pass on to them that you are open to helping them fix things too for a lot less than your average tradesmen call out fee. If she is part of a retirement estate you could be on to a winner!

5. Assess Your limitations

Now I don't like to think too much about limitations because I think it can end up stunting your creativity so make sure you keep it to simple things. As an example you want to flip furniture but you have a back injury. Maybe this isn't the best hustle for you. You need to make money from your hustle, not use it to cover medical expenses because you did your back in even more.

For lots of people trying to make extra money you might have children to care for. This probably means that it might be difficult dragging them around to various peoples houses to mow their lawns. Hustles such as child minding or Facebook moderating might be better suited to you.

6. Problem solving skills

Chances are if you have got this far into finding your hustle you have probably already got some level of problem solving skills. You want to succeed and you are busy trying to find a way to make it happen. You have listed your limitations but are there ways that you can stop them being limitations? Using the example of flipping furniture, even though you have a back injury. Is there someone you could get help from to lift and split the profits? Or if you are a mum and want to mow lawns, could you have set days where hubby or the mum in law can watch the kids for a few hours while you go off and mow?

7.Motivation and Setting Goals

Again because you are here you already have some level of motivation. You need to be setting some S.M.A.R.T goals.

Time Bound

If you have goals you can track your progress. Tracking your progress will motivate you to succeed or assist you in determining if what you are doing is worth your time or if you should try something else instead.

8.Sacrifices to make your hustle successful

Sometimes getting your hustle off the ground may mean making sacrifices. Getting up earlier, giving a boozy Saturday night a miss to do some work on a Sunday morning or removing yourself from people who you love but just simply don't believe in you and bring you down.
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Thanks Carol! Glad you found the article interesting and I hope it helps you. Good Luck with your hustle :)
This is an interesting article - I often wonder whether Icould use my skills to earn myself a little more money. Thank you forgiving me ideas to use to work how I could go about working on finding my best way to get my hustle happening!
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