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How To Take Care of Your Denim

by Michael S (follow)
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Image credit Tookapic, Pixabay

Maintaining your number one pair of jeans is much like maintaining a relationship. You enjoy the way it hugs you so perfectly, the way you can always go to it when you need to, you complete each other, but how do you keep it the way it is? Everyday can be a honeymoon with your denim if you treat it right. From storing to washing your jeans, every step of the way matters. Follow these steps and show your favourite denim piece some love.

It’s easy to toss your clothes on the floor after a long day of wear, but to keep the condition of your favourite pair of jeans or denim piece, you may want to treat it just a tad better. Hanging your pair of jeans by the hems can avoid unwanted dye creases that might look odd when you put them on again. You can hang your jeans by belt loops or with hangers to let them hang down naturally.

You may have heard that washing your denim pieces is absolutely forbidden. Which to be fair, is quite a commitment in its own. Being out and about in your favourite pair of jeans or denim jacket, you’re bound to collect a few stains or buildup some unpleasant odour. Although it is highly recommended that denim should not be washed, let alone machine washed, if you really need to, turning your denim piece inside out and cold washing can minimise fading from wash.

You can also try hand washing your denim pieces by filling your sink with cold water, adding a drop of mild detergent, and letting your piece soak for about an hour. Your denim piece should be left inside out to lessen the fade. Rinse off the detergent with cold water after your wait and you’ll be left with a fresh piece of denim.

If you ever think about bleaching your denim pieces, be it a pair of indigo jeans or a white denim skirt, don’t. Not only does bleaching mess up the colour of your denim, it also deteriorates the yarn. Bleaching can cause your white denim pieces to take on a yellowish hue, making it much more noticeable than that little food stain.

If you do find yourself a bit clumsy around food, and often in the company of food stains, you must resist putting your denim pieces in the wash too often. Try letting the stain dry first and scrape the residue off with your fingers before considering washing. If you really do need wash off that stain on your white jeans, do so with lukewarm water in the washing machine.

After giving your jeans a refreshing wash, you’ll want to give them a good dry (unless you like to wearing damp clothes, then don’t worry about this part). Air dry your denim piece indoors, out of the sunlight and place an old towel underneath the drying rack to avoid staining your floors with indigo dye. If you find that your jeans are a bit stiff after air drying, you can put them in the dryer on the lowest possible heat to soften them.

Maintenance - Odour
If you decide to take the path less travelled and keep your perfect hand treated denim boyfriend jeans in tip top condition by never washing them, you’ll need to learn how to maintain the odour. Sooner or later you’ll find your denim items seeping in smells of sweat and food. To avoid the awkwardness of anyone else smelling that, you can try steam ironing your denim pieces. Place a towel on top of your item and apply the iron. It is important not to directly apply the hot iron to the denim as it can alter the original finish.

If you prefer a method with slightly less involvement, you can put the clothing in the freezer overnight or leave it baking in the oven at 300 Fahrenheit for one hour to get rid of any odour-causing bacteria. Although it goes without saying, be sure to leave your denim piece out to cool down before wearing them again.

Treat your denim pieces well and they’ll do the same to you!

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