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Make Money - 35 Ways

by erin. (follow)
Blogger/Writer/Aspiring Millionaire Love of interior design, animals and arts and crafts
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1. Find freebies and then sell them on

I do this with furniture and baby items because for me they are popular in my area but you can do books, clothes, collectables whatever you think is going to be profitable for you. It may take a little bit of trial and error in the beginning so be patient finding your profit maker. Whatever you do, make sure that it's something you can easily store. Sometimes it takes a little while to move whatever you pick up so keep that in mind before rushing out and picking up every good quality freebie you find. The best place to start for searching for free items is on the footpath on hard rubbish pick up days or on the freebie section on Gumtree

2. Build websites.

Most websites earns from affiliate advertising. You can find a really good step by step article perfect for those starting out that can help you earn $500 a month here.

3. Enter free competitions

The best way to get a leg up in competitions is by entering a lot of them. Thankfully there are websites dedicated to collecting all the competitions in Australia in one place. You can go through their list and tick them off as you enter them. At Win Free Stuff, you can actually search the kinds of competitions you want to enter such as "money" or "car." At Competitions Guide, you can only go through one large list but you can adjust it according to date added or value of the prize pool. They also have a fantastic ebook you can download for free with tips to help you get ahead of the competition game. Other sites I like to use are OfferX and Aussie Contests. I have used lottos but found the format confusing and not worth the membership fee. The other sites I have mentioned are all free to join and easy to navigate. Follow this link if you would like to read my top tips to increase your chances of winning.

4. Make House

Kind of like housesitting but where you don't stay there. You might take the bins in and out, turn on a different light each night and collect the mail just so there's no giveaway the owners aren't home. You might also be responsible for checking on and feeding pets. Get your police clearance certificate for the home owner's peace of mind and advertise on flyers and online, as well as putting the word out to friends and family.

5. Freelance Writing

Use writing platforms such as Weekend Notes or Hubgarden to make money. I have found Hubgarden one of the fastest ways to earn money as you can receive money for awards on well written articles and if you write enough it can build up your account quickly. The other good thing about writing on these platforms is that you can be discovered by larger companies looking for someone to write posts for them. Think of it as a resume of sorts.

6. Rent out your spare room

Check out AirBnB for a relatively safe way to find tenants. You can have them rent out a room for short term or long term and may even wish to rent out your entire house from time to time. AirBnB will come out and photograph your spare room as well as provide insurance should anything bad happen. The other good thing is that everyone who uses a AirBnB service has a review written about them. This includes the person who provided the room and the person who stayed. It means you can get an idea of someone's behaviour before you agree to let them stay in your home. Don't just think having a spare room is your limit. A spare couch or backyard to pitch a tent can even be an option.

7. Set yourself a no spend challenge

Do away with spending on groceries for one week or fortnight. Try to use up everything you have in your fridge and pantry. A great site for working out what to make with all the random ingredients is Supercook. Every dollar you save can be moved over into your savings account instead.

8. Declutter

Sort through your old clothes and spare room and find items to sell. Be reasonable with pricing, if you wouldn't pay that amount second hand don't expect someone else to. List them online or in a garage sale. One garage sale I noticed recently who had advertised their sale on Gumtree said that every single item was one dollar with no need to haggle. My bet is that a lot of people turned up to that one for a bargain.

9. Do a bake sale

Go to work with a batch of freshly made cupcakes and price them for a few dollars each. If you don't work, send them with a friend to their office. Lots of office people end up with the 3pm snack attack and look for something easy. If the cafe is further away from the staff room you might make a few bucks with them sitting in there waiting for their hunger pains.You could also try local markets on weekends.

8. Catalogue Dropper or Area Manager for a catalogue dropping company

Companies need people to make sure that the people dropping junk mail are doing their job. As a supervisor you just need to go to the streets where the drop was and check it was done and notify headquarters that the walker can be paid. Check out companies such as Deliver For Dollars and Be Paid To Walk.

9. Rent out your driveway

If you live in an area that has minimal parking or lots of events near it such as the CBD, airport, football games, shows, craft fairs or a circus you have the potential to make money from your driveway or carport. Even if you aren't sure just set up an account and list your property. Check out Just Park to see if this is an option for you.

10. Rent out your car or caravan

If you own a car or caravan that you only use occasionally, instead of letting it sit on your property doing nothing, rent it out. Rent My Car is a company that helps put you in touch with people that need a car either short or long term. They are formal rental agreements in place and if you go away you can leave your vehicle with Rent My Car who will take over the management during that period.

11. Instagram Megastar

If you have cool pets, a creative outlet, trendy kids or love to travel consider setting up an Instagram account dedicated to it. Instagram is not totally straight forward and there are lots of different apps you need to do different jobs such as regramming, filters and movies but it's all worth checking out. The main idea is for your Instagram feed to look beautiful, like an artistic wall. Learn how to rock your instagram account and get famous by reading this great Popsugar article. Also check out some high ranking Instagram accounts to see how they all work such as wakeupandmakeup and Bunnymama.

12. Housesit

When housesitting, often the owners require you to look after pets. If you don't happen to have any of your own, you are in a great position to begin with. You might also consider renting your own house out for the period you go and housesit. Housesit positions can vary from a couple of days to a year or two if the owner is travelling overseas. It's a good way to live for free and get your mortgage paid off at the same time. Check out sites like Mind A Home and Trusted House Sitters for more information on housesitting.

13. Petsit

You can either do this in the pet owner's home (see Trusted Housesitters in the Housesit section above) or care for the pet in your own home. Don't fret pet is a company that matches up dog owners with other dog loves to care for the pet in a home environment.

14. Supervise learner driving

Put out your own advertisement to supervise kids who are trying to get their driving hours up the get their license. Just state that they need to have their own car. You would probably need to be available in the hours immediately after school and on weekends but you could earn around $15 an hour.

15. Create videos to be used for website content

Various sites require video content to use and don't have the time or resources to do it all themselves, especially in a start up website. Look at websites of the sorts of things you are interested in and see if you could create videos that would assist them. For instance if you spend a lot of time in the gym working out you might do some weights or other workout tutorials to submit. You could take the one off payment for the video and they earn from the advertising surrounding it.

16. Write an eBook

If you consider yourself fairly knowledgable about a topic or two, then you could take advantage of the world of ebooks. It can work really well as a passive income because you only write it once with significantly small overheads and if you market it correctly you will sell it again and again. A great read and starting point to find out if it's for you and what's involved is over at Grad Money Matters.

17. Become a hair model

Hairdressers are often looking for people to practice on to use for hair shows, photo shoots or general learning or job trials. What you get paid depends on the job. Shows will usually take up a full day and you would probably receive a small payment for your time, hair products and be provided with meals. For a smaller job such as a cut or colour you might get paid but usually you just get the free new cut/colour or colour at cost price and a gift of hair products for your time. Speak to your local hairdressers about volunteering as a guinea pig for their new staff or apprentices or look on sites like Gumtree.

18. Medical Trials

In Australia this one is a little harder to get involved in and I'm not about to advocate for having all sorts of vaccines tested on your body but there are some good trials out there. I usually find them on Gumtree by accident, advertised by the local University but you can also register for Medical Trials in your state so just Google it. The sorts of trials I'd recommend as "safe" would be things like sleep trials or students monitoring a pregnancy. I recently came across one that was offering $700 for the tester to stay in their lab for six nights and have their sleeping patterns monitored which is pretty good money if you are in between jobs or need some extra cash. I was also offered a pregnancy one that was $100 just to wear a monitor overnight in my home to test pregnancy sleeping patterns. Pretty easy and not dangerous. Not all of them pay this well and there are obviously criteria you have to meet but its well worth checking out.

19. Census Collector

The Census collection is done every four years so its not something you can just go out and do but its a good way to earn some extra cash. I did the counting of the homeless in the Northern Territory and earned great money doing it. We spent a full two weeks walking around and talking to those living on the streets. Not only did it pay well but it really opened my eyes to what was going on outside my own little box. Other roles are available too. You can drop off and pick up forms or assist with the data entry once all the forms are back.

20. Emergency daycare for sick kids

It's really difficult for parents to take the day off when their children are sick and sending them to their normal childcare is unfair to the centre and other parents and kids. Having this kind of service could be full time or occasional and helps hardworking parents out big time. Request that they pack their own food as you won't always know the child well and it's one less struggle and also less outlay for you. You will need some minimal requirements including a police clearance to work with children and a first aid certificate. You may also need a carseat and your home inspected to ensure it is child proof.

21. Submit tips, photos, stories or reviews to magazines

Magazines love reader interaction. Look for the areas in the magazines where they request stories, movie reviews, tips or photos. Some pay anywhere from $20-$500 if published. Some of my favourites as a good starting point are That's Life, Take 5 and Readers Digest.

22. Resell tech junk

Old phones or laptops that have been replaced for an upgrade or may even be broken are still worth money. You can go on to the site Cash A Phone to get an idea of the value of your tech junk in its current condition. They pay for postage and once your final value is approved you get paid. It is however your own responsibility to make sure all your personal information is wiped from the device.

23. Help someone shift furniture or move house

Unless they own a ute or 4wd with a tow bar, many people find it difficult to get larger things moved, such as furniture. They might just need a one off item delivered from Gumtree or from a friends place which doesn't require paying a removalist. They may also be moving house but not able to afford the high prices of a professional company. Consider hiring out your services with your vehicle to transport their gear. If you don't have the right vehicle but are confident driving a small truck or ute you could have them hire one and you drive it back and forth. Bunnings have affordable ute hire services in most stores and also free trailer loan for anything coming from the store.

24. Sell Your Photos

Stock photography is becoming one of those things lots of people are getting into but not bothering to do a whole lot of research. There are photos that sell really well and then there are total flops and they might not be what you think. My mum has a friend who does this part time. One of his best selling photos is... wait for it...a power pole. Here is a reference page over at iStockphoto for what you need to have successful stock photos people will want to buy.

25. Collect cans and bottles

Alert your friends and neighbours that you are wanting to collect bottles and cans and see if they will pop theirs out for you. Once you have a good stash, take them to the recycle depot and cash them in. Each time a bottle is thrown in the bin it's like throwing away ten cents. Considering every ten bottles is a dollar, it could prove to be some decent pocket money if you know people that like coke and alcohol. When you head out you could also take a plastic bag with you and pick up ones you see on the footpath or roadside.

26. Mystery Shopper
Mystery shopping is unlikely to make you rich but it does mean free products and some extra small change. Find out more over at Shadow Shopper

27. Product Demonstrator

This job is becoming more and more popular with stay at home mums who need to work in school hours. There might be a new product coming in to a store such as Big W and it's your job to launch it by giving a five or ten minute talk and demonstration about it in an area of the shopping centre. It will usually end in you giving away a "free gift" which is what entices people to come and listen to you in the first place. To find out more head to ADC Demos

28. Tour Guide

Advertise your services at local backpacker hostels with where you can take them and what it will cost. Because they like to do minimal spending you are very likely to get business over the official tour operators. You could approach hotels and let them know you are interested in assisting their guests to get to great spots in your area and work off word of mouth. You could take them on day trips to beaches, famous eateries or longer trips to the outback camping or a wine tour, it's really up to you.

29. Driver

There are a couple of options here. If you have your own nice car, you can hire it out for weddings or other formal events and be the driver. Secondly you could join a chauffeur company and do casual pick ups and drops or you could join the new company called Uber which is kind of like a freelance driving service.

30. Become a life model

It really depends on how confident you are getting your kit off but being employed as an art piece can make you some decent money. The Life Model Society in Carlton have a registration process and you can talk to other life models to work out if its for you.

31. Busking

If you have a special talent and would like to try out busking on the streets for some cash you need to approach your local council to obtain a busking license. If you are busking in a shopping mall you are also likely to require permission from the managers of the centre.

32. Make videos for Youtube

We have seen all those lucky success stories of someone who made a video of their dog talking or their cute laughing baby and became overnight success story. While that would be nice the people who end up making money long term from videos are those who find their niche and do regular posting such as make up tutorials or their own stunts. If you want to give it a try check out this article over at Save The Student.

33. Ironing

If you have a knack for it, you can make decent money for this and most people have an iron and ironing board in their home already. Organise for people to drop off and pick up their laundry so you don't have to commute. It's common to charge per basket load.

34. Sell seedlings

Find out what plants grow in which season and grab yourself a packet of seeds to grow into little seedlings you can sell for a profit. You don't need fancy equipment or pots. Check out Pinterest for things you can grow them such as egg cartons, toilet rolls, cans or cut milk cartons. Take them to a market or a advertise online.

35. Run community computer courses

Teach people how to use the internet or bank online and use email or social media. With the fast moving technology that is a huge part of our lives, there are seniors getting left behind. Helping them stay in touch with their families or assisting their independence such as banking or ordering the groceries online can be very beneficial for them. Speak to your local council to see if you can set something up at your library or advertise privately.

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