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Make People Like You

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Are you envious of people who others seem to always automatically like? Here are some simple tricks to help others to quickly like you.

Attribution: Wikicommons - Public Domain

Time: Most techniques take only a few minutes to apply

The people you are trying to impress


Think positive thoughts about yourself

Did you know if you just think you smell better, other people will find you more attractive. It isn't the fake smell that makes a difference, it is your attitude.

Put this into action when you have to meet new people. Sit down and think a number of positive things about yourself. Look in the mirror and think "I look good", put on cologne and think "I smell good", think about some of the great things you know about yourself. People will automatically like you more.

Make a connection

We like people more when we make some sort of connection with them. It doesn't really matter what the connection is.

Attribution: Pixabay - geralt

My friend brought back a t-shirt for me from her trip to Zimbabwe in Africa. It was a pretty cool looking black t-shirt with an African design on it. However I stopped wearing it because I would be walking down the street and people from Zimbabwe would see the shirt and come running up to me to start a conversation. They were that desperate for a connection.

People are always looking for some connection. If you like the same music, have the same hobbies or even support the same football team, then people will like you more.

Most conversations start off with those sort of connection questions such as "where are you from?", "What do you do for work or study", "What did you think of the movie" etc?

Whatever people say, try and find some way to describe how you are a similar or connected. Someone says they are from a particular town, don't bother telling them where you are from, tell them about when you have been there, or to the area, or how you wish to go there. A connection will instantly form.

Imitation is the greatest flattery

Wearing the same clothes, using the same vocabulary or even just repeating back what others have said can make people like you more. You see what people really like is themselves and if they see something about themselves in you they will like you too.

Attribution: Pixabay - everglory

Put it into practice by listening carefully to what people say and use keywords and phrases that they used when you reply.

Body language

Want to make friends? Go somewhere and just look (well, glance at) people in the eye. Just making eye contact invites people to talk to you.

Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

Put this into practice by first getting into a good, relaxed mood, so your body language is loose and not tense. Then look around and meet people's eyes.

I like candy

When people eat sweet food they act nicer.

Attribtuion: Pixabay - Shirley

This one is easy, bake a cake or always bring some sweet snacks to give away, whether it is at meetings or social gatherings.

Prime people

Priming is where one seemingly unrelated thing will prime people to think or do something later. For example, if we see an act of charity we will be more likely to give to a charity request later. You can prime conversations in the same way. If you talk about how rude someone was, then people will be rude to you. Instead talk about being friendly, and making friends, then people are more likely to be friendly.

Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

I see many people put this into action by talking about how they usually make friends when they are at such and such a place. And guess what? They usually make more friends.

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