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Teak Furniture: Care and Maintenance Tips

by melis (follow)
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Teak is one of the most appreciated types of wood. Thanks to its durability, it is used for many purposes. You can built teak boats or use it as construction material. Also, it is a great material for furniture. Its greatest advantage when used for furniture is its low-maintenance quality. Everybody who decides to get teakwood furniture should know some tricks, so let's set off for a teak furniture insight.

Source: wikimedia.org

Going Classy with Your Selection

Buying furniture made from this wood means that the buyer wants the benefits that teak brings: beautiful honey-like color, pleasant smell and slow aging. All these features, however, can be found only in the highest class of this precious wood. Two lower classes (B and C) may only look similar to the A class, but there are crucial differences in quality. The A class is delivered by wood experts and it can survive extreme weather conditions. The two lower classes usually get chemical treatment to look like their high-quality cousin. So, be careful what you buy.

What about Gray Layer?

Like every other wood used for outdoor furniture items, teak can also become dimmer in color, even gray, as time goes by. If such a thing happens, don't panic, but listen to our advice. This wood is pretty easily cleaned, so it is enough only to wash it with tepid water mixed with soap. However, mind the brush you are using. It needs to be bristle, but not too harsh.
Also, you can apply water on those furniture pieces with a hose (avoid too strong jets, though), since teak is water resistant. 

Source: wikimedia.org

To Varnish or not to Varnish?

Thanks to a high level of oils that teakwood produces, it does not need to be varnished. What makes this type of wood so unique is its golden brown color and it would be a shame to cover it with anything. Apart from the esthetic point of view, the oils within this wood protect it in both weather extremes – scorching hot and freezing cold conditions, say Sydney-based vendors of outdoor furniture. As this wood will take care of its own well-being, you can put away your money for varnish and spend it on something else (maybe additional items of teak furniture).

Care in Special Use

Although we see teak mostly in furniture, it is not restricted only to it, in terms of housing. As it possesses all those characteristics of durability, it can be used for patio flooring, as well. Again, its beautiful natural color gives the patio a unique, fresh look. But when the teak tiles are walked on and placed horizontally, as it is the case with the patio, you have to put a protective cover over the patio in case of heavy rains or longer periods of snow. Teak is sturdy wood, but you can add to its resistance with these small protective steps. Here you can check some ideas on teak patio furniture, as well.

Special wooden structures have to be carefully designed and wood demands committed care. Teak, however, serves as a perfect material for appealing wood structures and lasts for a long period of time, with a minimum care investment. Its higher price pays off through its duration and impeccable impression it leaves on people using it. Treat it properly and spend many years in your teak furniture.

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