A Guide to Choosing the Best Priced Convertible

A Guide to Choosing the Best Priced Convertible

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When shopping for a convertible, you want a model that gives you the best open-air driving experience. After all, that’s what the open roof is for, right? While convertibles tend to be more expensive than your traditional sedan or coupe, they are worth the extra dollars especially in today’s car market where models such as the Mazda Miata provide a good balance of looks, reliability, and performance.

Before buying a convertible, it’s best to look around first. Unlike the previous decades, the convertibles of today are much, much, better. No more damp seats, unbearable wind noise, and exorbitant insurance premiums. Just good old wind and sun in your face as you drive on the road.

To get a convertible with the best price , these are the most important things that you must consider:


Buying season and depreciation
Car prices tend to fluctuate depending on the season. During autumn or winter, car prices are at their lowest since most dealers will want to get rid of stick.

One of the key expenses of a convertible is not just the purchase price, but also the depreciation. What will the value be when you sell it? The slower a convertible depreciates the better, since you won’t lose as much money should you decide to sell your car.

Types of convertible
Convertibles come in different types offering special features based on your needs. They can be classified into the following:

a. Roadsters
If you’re priority is performance, then a roadster convertible is the best option . It is built for speed and usually comes as a two-seater with minimal interior and trunk space.

b. Convertible
For an open-air driving experience that doesn’t compromise on daily practicality, the convertible is the better option. Unlike roadsters, convertibles are often larger, accommodating as many as four to five people.

c. Upscale and Luxury Convertibles
Aside from the obvious luxurious interior, upscale convertibles combine performance and comfort. The higher the price, the more specialized features it possesses, such as retractable hardtops and neck heaters.


Hardtop or soft top?
Convertibles come with two roof options: a hard top and a soft top. A hardtop features a folding metal roof which can be stowed away at the truck. When raised, it minimizes noise and increases security, visibility, and resistance against wearing. The only con to a convertible with a hard top is that it takes up a lot of space in the trunk.

Soft-top convertibles today do a better job at insulating against noise and weather compared to yesterday’s models. The only thing that hasn’t changed with soft-top convertibles is that they are easy to break into. They also have to be cleaned manually as high-pressure water sprays from automatic car washes can easily penetrate the inside of the car.

If you’re looking for get a convertible with a soft top, you may as well go for classic old-fashioned models. Although they cost more to maintain, they are just as economical since they do the opposite of depreciating.

When purchasing a convertible, it’s all a matter of what you intend to use it for. There’s no use spending your money on a convertible type that you can’t really enjoy driving.

Think of what you’ll really be using the car for. Do you want to drive in it every day or just on weekends? If performance is important to you, you may have to forgo practicality. For affordable models like the Mazda Miata you don’t have to worry about giving up both since it balances muscle, fashion, and comfort. Just remember that whatever level of sportiness, performance, and comfort you choose, one thing that won’t change is the convertible experience.


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