Become a Software Tester with or without a Degree

Become a Software Tester with or without a Degree

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The role software testers play in application development is critical. They root out bugs, funky interface problems and poor performance by putting applications through the winger. For this to be achieved, all kinds of tests, including scalability and performance must be run in all cycles of the software.

Understand that software testing determines the quality and the usability of the end product, meaning it must happen at the planning and the design stages.

So, how can you become a software tester? According to Aware, the house of many skilled programmers and developers , here is some advice for you to become a qualified software tester.

How to Become a Software Tester without a Degree

Did you know that software testing does not necessarily require a degree? Well, although it is necessary to attain a degree in maths, engineering or computer science, you only need to be equipped with experience and specialised knowledge. With technology, you can gather information on the subject from online courses and achieve initial skills level.

Acquiring several years of testing experience can land you your first software testing job. Note that the most critical element is for you to prove that you are tech-savvy. The reason most employers prefer candidates with a degree in computer science or engineering is the fact that they can handle the technical side. It means you need to grasp basic knowledge around CSS, HTML, automation and JavaScript. Begin by getting your first experience in the field through volunteering or freelancing.

How to Get into Software Testing

Software testing is a safe haven for people interested in IT, and those ready to learn and boost their technical skill levels. One of the questions most people ask is, “how do I become a software tester?”. Begin by determining the role you will be involved with. For instance, if you are interested in a junior position, you will require prior training and support.

Before engaging any company, do your research first. In the UK, for example, many companies pay testers anywhere around £15-£30 per year. Getting into an interview with little knowledge about the advances the industry is experiencing will lower your chances of getting hired. Investigate the industry and learn more about testing tools, attitudes and practices.

How to Get a Software Testing Job without Experience

If you are truly passionate and ready to grow in the field as a quality tester, you can get any job offer in the market without experience. Although it is easy to get training, unless you have the passion, you cannot survive in the software testing industry.

Understand that this field will require you to try and break the software. It means possessing excellent analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of testing methodologies. Before the interviewer recommends you for the job, they will need to be sure that you have the basic required knowledge. In that case, take advantage of resources that can develop your software testing skills. These may include:

• Training institutes
• Crowdsourced and freelancing testing
• Books
• Tutorials
• Tools

As a beginner, some knowledge in Java, Manual Testing, SOA and Selenium will give you a better edge over other applicants.

How to Get a Job in Software Testing as Fresher

Even if you are planning to switch into software development in the future, it always pays to start with software testing.

Once you have gathered the needed skills, choose your niche. In IT, mastering a particular field can help you become a better tester, especially if you have no experience . Being a specialist in a specific niche is attractive for most companies. The niches you could choose include:

Manual Testing: Here, you are expected to mimic the role of the person who will finally use the software once it's complete. It means you will need to inspect the features of the software to identify a bug.
Automation Testing: Here, you are expected to validate the software’s features through scripting. The scripts then automate the tests, making it a cost-effective way of testing software.
Performance Testing: Here, the software is tested against a particular workload to evaluate capacity and responsiveness, among others.

Because software testing is broad, focus on one area to increase your lucky chances in the job market. Note that the company expects you to have knowledge in other areas. This will prove that you are flexible enough to fill a gap in a different domain.

How to Become a Freelance Software Tester

Many people today choose freelancing over office jobs. If you are one of them, high income, independence and flexibility are all in the waiting with software testing. First, you need to gather strong motivation and self-confidence. You must know how to present yourself and your services.

If you’re not an English speaker, you will also need to have intermediate English command and know how to ask the right questions and give concrete answers. An added advantage would be a software tester certificate of a computer science degree.

When looking for clients, leverage online marketplaces. Here, you will encounter professional networking, networking teams and social networks.

If you believe that software testing is the right path, get enough knowledge and be patient enough to secure a job or acquire customers. Developing yourself as a professional will, with time, lead you to a decent salary and great offers.


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