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Congratulations, you just picked up your freshly repaired vehicle. After that car accident, you were worried that you may never get to drive your car again. Thankfully, you were able to get your car successfully repaired.

However, don't rest easy just yet. There are still some things you should check after your car has been repaired from an automobile accident. Take the time to read these five items suggested by Salisbury Collision Centre & Smash Repairs below.

Make sure you check your car insurance rate after the accident. Unfortunately, some insurance companies will raise your rate after a car accident. This may be true even if they helped pay for the repairs. It also may be true even if the accident wasn't your fault. See if you can talk down any rate increases with a representative. If you cannot, it might be worth your while to shop around for better insurance coverage.

Driving Record
Take the time to check your driving record at the Department of Motor Vehicles after an accident. You may have had any number of points added to your license. This can lead to higher insurance or a suspension of your license. If you gained points, see what you can do to have them removed. Many states offer classes you can take to reduce points on your license.

Body Work
You always want to check the body work after your car receives repairs from an accident. If the work wasn't done correctly, it will be difficult to get it done right after you drive away. Nearly all car accidents will require significant body work. An error in repairing the brakes, steering, the engine, and more may not be noticed until you return to your normal driving habits. However, shoddy body work or poor plastic bumper repair should be noticed right away. If the body work is less than satisfactory, talk to the management to get it done right.

Indicator Lights
Turn your vehicle off and on a few times to make sure that all of the indicator lights have been reset and are not signifying any additional damage. These indicator lights include tire pressure, air bags, oil, the engine, and more. Ask for a complete explanation of any lights that may still be indicating a problem.

After any accident repairs, make sure you get a complete list of all of the parts that were repaired or replaced. Ask your garage if there are any warranties for any of the new parts that were installed. Also, discover if any of the parts replaced were actually covered by a warranty. This will allow the check your insurance company sends to stretch as far as it possibly can. Also, keep all of the repair paperwork safely filed away. You may need it for additional warranty information. Your insurance company also might want to take a look at it at some point in the future.

There is no doubt that a car accident is a long and stressful process. However, don't let yourself burn out near the end of this difficult road. Take the time to check these above items after collision repairs. It will allow you to put the experience of the accident behind you, and you will feel good knowing you won't need to think about the crash repairs again!


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