Choose a career

Choose a career

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One of the most common problems people have in looking for work is the task of choosing a career. Many of the university graduates you see working in cafes or bookshops are there, not because there aren't better jobs, but because they don't have a career to aim for.

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So here are a few tricks to help you choose a career.

  • The jobs that you respect

  • I want to put this one down first because it is often the worst tip. One way many people select a job is based on who they admire or respect. This can enable us set a goal to define who we want to be in the future and lay out a path to achieve it.

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    The problem is that often we respect or admire people because they are very different to ourselves. I admire, or even envy people who do physical labour, but I doubt I could do that all day. Other people admire good communicators or public speakers, even though they are unable to do that themselves. Still if you respect people who are good at what you are also good at, this is a great way to go.

  • Personality

  • When people have no idea what to do with their life, one of the best tools are personality tests such as the MBTI. I have used these often with people of all backgrounds and it helps people learn more about themselves and to talk about what they want to do.

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    The main problem is that they only have 60 to 65 percent accuracy. Which means that they are not to be a straightforward guide about what you should do. Also many careers have different job roles that suit different personalities. Still they are a great way to gain some insights and start talking about your career.

  • What you like to do

  • One method to choose a career is to look at what you like doing in your current or previous jobs. Even if you completely hate your job, there should be something that you like. Maybe you liked it when you had to work together with other staff to solve a problem, or you enjoy having to work out how to fix equipment that broke down. If you haven't worked, think about projects at school or university, or volunteer work that you have done.

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    It is when you find the things you enjoy at work that you can find what you want to do with your career.

  • Finding a starting point

  • Sometimes you don't need to set out your career now but instead find a good starting point where you can branch out later or building up some key skills that are applicable anywhere.

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    Some examples include getting key communication skills such as writing, oral communications, teaching or sales. You can then apply these to many different careers. Other examples can be management or business skills. If you had the chance to be a manager at the fast food restaurant you worked at when you were at school, it will help you get promoted later when you are a working professional.

  • Work can be fun and an adventure

  • Careers are not something you have to choose now and do for the rest of your life. I have met people who are experts in fields that they hate, yet they kept at it.

    Some of the most interesting jobs I have taken were for the adventure. It is in taking these interesting challenges you build up both the best skills and most interesting stories. So don't just trudge through a career, live your life.


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