Choose Grind And Sealant Concrete Flooring System For Slip Resistant And Glossy Flooring

Choose Grind And Sealant Concrete Flooring System For Slip Resistant And Glossy Flooring

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Do you want to add beauty to your home flooring? If yes, then you need to go for grind and seal concrete flooring. There are many flooring contractors who can carry out this task effectively with affordable price. However, you need to choose reliable and experienced contractor for a perfect work without any flaws on your home flooring. Basically, grind and seal is the coating system that can be carried out on the floor for a smooth finish and glossy look. This kind of concrete flooring is suitable for commercial, industrial and residential space including factories and outlets. Grind and seal is a process in which concrete is installed on the surface to remove flaws, damages, and cracks on the floor and gets a classy look. Basically, the contractors use the right sealant material to give solid protection to the concrete surface while giving back its shine and durable surface.

Advantages Of Grind And Sealant Concrete System

Unarguably, there are end numbers of coating options available for home and commercial owners from which they can pick the right one that gives it a dreamy look and meets their functional requirements. Basically, the homeowners will choose 3 coat systems that have a satin finish, as the foot traffic in homes is less. Here are certain advantages one can reap by [link grind and seal concrete floor over the other flooring systems]

  • Easy to install over the polished concrete flooring
  • Very economical
  • Make the flooring slip resistant by adding grit
  • Attain required level of glossiness for your concrete surface
  • Give durability and sustainability by pouring right amount of concrete during installation
  • Provide umpteen satin and glossy options for home interiors for various options available for exterior too, which protect outside flooring from harmful UV rays
  • Quite easy to clean and maintain
  • Remove the stains, cracks, and scratches on the flooring
  • Transform the concrete flooring that is dull and attractive into a catchy flooring
  • Easy to attain the desired level of smoothness and high level of glossiness
  • Easy to repair and convert the old flooring into a new one with a glossy finish
  • Sealer is used to give high protection and sheen
  • Does not stick the dust or grime on the surface

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    The above mentioned are certain advantages that one can reap by going for grinding and seal system.

    Basically, it is a bit complex process to attain the desired [link grind and seal concrete flooring] as there are certain stages that need to be taken care. In the grinding stage, coarse diamonds are used to quickly grind the concrete until the desired level of exposure is attained. In addition, the surface is ground again to thoroughly remove the scratches that are evident on the flooring. Then, patching is carried out to fill the grooves, cracks, voids, holes, and stains, using chemicals to wipe off these imperfections in grinding stage using color that best matches with the existing flooring. The last leg of the concrete polishing process is to seal the floor using topical sealer that will scatter in-depth to 2 to 5mm pores in order to remove the stubborn oil, grease and other stains. However, in order to carry out this whole process, you need to hire a professional concrete polisher.

    Undeniably, grind and seal concrete floor is carried out in a few stages over the other flooring options and requires less manpower and material. Basically, in grind and seal flooring, there is no polishing done, since applying the sealant itself provides glossy finish. The homeowner has to take a little extra care for this flooring and get it re-sealed after every five years to retain its look. However, the resealing process totally depends on the amount of traffic that the flooring will undergo every day.


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