Choose The Best Drink For The Occasion

Choose The Best Drink For The Occasion

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There are many subtle rules which dictate the way we're supposed to act in specific situations. Of course, these are only suggestions but there is some common sense to it. For example, if you have decided to invite your friends to a party or if you organized a family gathering, you probably won't be using the same set of 'rules.' One of those simple rules is the fine art of choosing the proper drink for the occasion.

Afternoon barbeque at your back yard

If you are planning a barbeque party in your back yard, you’ll probably treat your guests with great food like burgers, stakes or tasty seafood. The best drink for this occasion is definitely beer. Imagine spending a hot summer afternoon with your friends, by the barbeque with a burger in one hand and a cold can of beer in the other.

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Family gathering

Your family is coming over for a dinner. You can’t go wrong with a fine wine on family gatherings. But which one to choose? It depends on what are you cooking. When it comes to meat, white meat roasted on a grill complements the red dry and young wine. If you serve red meat, full and strong, old, robust wines are probably a good choice. With smoked meat, smoked ham or roast you should serve fresh white wine with a fruity aroma or rose. Red wine is not a good choice, because the tannins in the wine with salt from the meat make the whole bit bitter, leaving a metallic taste on the tongue. Seafood, prepared in any way, is the best match with the white wine. Chardonnay, would be a very good choice. Wine is important in cuisine not only as a beverage but also as a food additive which enhances the taste.

Business lunch

Code of Conduct does not suggest any alcohol beverages during the business lunch. In most situations the client will not be thrilled if your choice is alcohol. But there are some exceptions, and that is when you and your business partner are perhaps celebrating a lucrative business arrangement, and if it is celebrated in informal atmosphere. Your choice for this occasion can be a good whiskey or French cognac.

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Special occasions

If you just had a big promotion at your job, and you would like to celebrate that with your significant other, surprise her or him with a bottle of champagne. Drink champagne from high and elongated glasses. Champagne is a symbol of wealth and power. Drinking it will not make you richer but it will make you happier and feel a little more special. So save the champagne for a special occasion.

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Night out

If your work week has been a tough one, you might want to go out with your friends, relax, and have a good time. There is not a specific drink that is actually right for this occasion, you can drink whatever you prefer. But if you want to avoid a painful hangover tomorrow, I would kindly recommend you some cocktails based on vodka or tequila. These cocktails often contain a good amount of fruit juice which can really help you to avoid a hangover.

Choosing the right drink for a particular occasion might not seem as important as to choose the right clothes or behave properly, but it will certainly contribute to a pleasant experience.


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