Create a Dreams Board

Create a Dreams Board

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Recently completed dreams board by following the steps below

Otherwise known as a vision board, a dreams board is designed to collate images of the things that you would like to manifest into your life. This can be anything from the type of home you would like to live in, to wanting to take a trip to a certain destination. For example, if you would like to go on an African Safari, you would cut out images of animals such as Zebra's and/or even the words "African Safari" and paste them to your dreams board. If Paris is your dream destination, then you might be inspired to cut out a picture of the Eifell Tower to add to your dreams board.

Oprah Winfrey has also gotten into the spirit of creating a dreams board and calls her version the "O Dreams Board." You can call your dreams board whatever you wish.

From attending a health retreat to a personal development seminar, and even receiving a feng shui consultation for your home and/or office, you might have been told to create a vision or dreams board from such providers.

All the tools you need laid out

Time: It depends on you and the size of your vision and dreams board. On average, 20 minutes is a good time frame.


Magazines and travel brochures

Cutting out some images for the dreams board in the first image


  • Cut out desired images from your magazine collection

  • With your inspired magazines in tow, the first step is to cut out images that resonate with you and feel great. The picture would jump out at you when you're in the zone. Keep going until you have cut out as many images that you like. It is okay to not use some of them. Keep them in a pile ready for the next step.

  • Glue/paste images onto your board

  • Create a collage with images overlapping each other, as can be seen in the pictures. If you are using words to describe the lifestyle you want to manifest or continue to maintain, then stick them on last. Start with the pictures. Clag glue is still effective, otherwise the glue shown in some of the images on this article is less sticky and more ideal.

    Another example of a dreams board, but on a scrapbook.

  • Your Dreams board is now complete

  • Now that your dreams board is complete, you now need to find a place in your home or office to hang this board up where you see it every day. It is a great idea to head to your nearest Officeworks or similar stationery retailer and arrange to get your board laminated if you do not have a laminating machine. If a dreams board does not resonate with you, then a dreams book is also just as effective, provided you use this book often.

    another dreams board, where the owner decided to place theirs at the back of their front door at home.


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