Create The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Area This Summer

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Winter is beginning to pass, and the warmer days are slowly beginning to come. So its that beautiful time of year when you get to dust off the patio and get ready for summer parties and BBQ’s with friends.

To ensure your parties and get togethers go off without a hitch, we've created the ultimate list to ensure your outdoor dining area is ready for the celebration season.

1. Choose The Area

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If your home is blessed to have multiple area’s that you can entertain with outdoors, then we suggest choosing just 1. This way you can focus your attention and investment in making this single area the best it physically can be.

When choosing your outdoor dining area look for an area that is north or north-west facing. This way you'll capture the warmth of the winter sun, while avoiding the bite of the harsh summer sun.

2. Ensure There is Shade

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As we all know, the Aussie sun can be extremely harsh and there is nothing worse than cutting a Sunday afternoon BBQ short because of sunburn or heat stroke. So when making the final decision about where your party pad will be this year, ensure there is ample shade.

Natural trees work well as their foliage also keeps the area cool, however if that isn't possible then consider outdoor umbrellas, or even shade sails as a great way to protect you from the elements.

3. Decide On Your Theme

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The third step in creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment area is choosing the right theme. Unless you carefully plan the look & feel that you're going for ahead of time, it's very easy to end up with an area that is a combination of this and that.

The most common themes of 2015 are:

Italian - Picture lattice, stone tables, cast-iron chairs, grape vines & wood fired pizza.

Modern - From the clean cut lines of your outdoor lounge through to the fresh feel of your dining table, modern is always a winner.

Wicker - Durable, relaxing and timeless, wicker is a great way to simply wind down.

Asian - Get yourself a sand garden, bamboo, peaceful water fountain & a gong to sway in the breeze. Asian inspired areas are the ultimate in relaxing.

4. Choose the appropriate Furniture

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The outdoor furniture market has exploded in recent years with many outdoor furniture shops now selling more designer goods than interior design stores. This provides endless possibilities for your area, and now that you have your theme in mind, its time to go shopping.

In 2015 modular outdoor sofas are going to be hot, as are day beds and hanging chairs.

When choosing your furniture it's essential that you are very clear on what the purpose of your area will be. Is it to relax with friends over a few drinks, or to host a formal sit down dinner? If you won’t need a formal dining table then skip straight to a super comfortable sofa for the ultimate relaxing experience.

5. Get The Appliances Sorted

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An outdoor dining area isn't complete without the right appliances & equipment. So to help you out I've listed the hottest inclusions for 2015:

Weber Q BBQ - These little BBQ’s are so much more than you’d expect. You can cook everything from steaks to pizza’s on them.

Weather proof sound system - Outdoor audio has come a long way in recent years with the quality now on-par with many indoor systems. Look for enclosed, wireless speakers to prevent having to run multiple messy cables

Misting Fans - No matter how you look at it summer in Australia is hot. However you can take the bite out of the harsh days with a quality misting fan. They'll set you back a few hundred, but the cool, refreshing mist that they produce will be worth every cent when it hits 40 degrees in the shade!

Tell me in the comments below what your favourite outdoor furniture item is, and what you're planning to add to your entertaining area this summer.

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