Create Your Ideal Living Space

Create Your Ideal Living Space

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Decorating your own home is worth it

"Home is where the heart is."

Many people spend a fortune in tidying up and decorating their homes. It all makes sense. Our home is our sanctuary, and our place for rest and nourishment from the busyness of life and of what is. Whether you own your own home, and even if you are renting you will want to pay top dollar for a quality pad in an ideal location.

There are things that you need to consider in creating your ideal living space from the living room, to the bathroom and your bedroom. You can decorate your pad on any budget.

It is essential that repairs, maintenance and then renovationsimprovements are taken care of.


  • Repairs first

  • Have a leaking shower washer? Or perhaps your light bulbs are stuck? Get a repairman out and fix these things before any decorating begins. Same with renovations. As soon as you settle on a property (for owner occupiers), compile a list of the areas that need repairs, maintenance and renovations. It will be a good idea to then rank them. Tenants, you can compile this list for repairs to give to your managing agent when you're filling out the condition report upon signing the lease. If you're installing new blinds and the house needs a paint, it is wise to have the house painted first. Common sense pays.

    Cleaning products are essential, especially when you move house

  • Spring clean

  • Now it is time to clean the house before moving any contents into it. Ensure you have a ready supply of cleaning products including sugar soap and some mould killer and an all surface spray. Vacuum carpets and wooden floors, and then mop your wooden floors and tiles. That way home will feel more like home. If you're not inclined to clean yourself, then hire a professional cleaner.

    The sofa needed to come before these cushions

  • Furniture

  • Before decorating the house with art works, candles and cushions to name, have your furniture in the right places first.

    Where retail therapy is heaps of fun

  • Go Shopping

  • More like window shopping to begin with. Browse some great stores like Myer, David Jones and Habitania. Gain inspiration on your ideal living space. That way you will know how much you're in for and can plan the design of your pad. Once you're ready to decorate your pad, happy retail therapy for real. Aim to buy when goods are on sale, that way you will reap the savings while designing your home. Use any loyalty cards like Myer One and credit cards with reward points, provided you can pay back the balance owing within the cards interest free period. As much as possible, it is advisable to not incur any consumer debt while decorating your domain.

    Example of a soul collagevision board pinned to the front door of a house

  • Your Space is All About You

  • If you're a tenant you will need to seek permission with your property manager before putting blu tack to walls and doors, as well as nailing hammers into walls for artworks. If you're in Sydney, I highly recommend Sunlite Mitre 10 in Pitt Street in the city for advice on hanging things up. They will ask you whether or not you're an owner-occupier or a tenant of your domain and advise from there. You must feel freedom around the items you inherit and bring into your space. Create a vision board or a soul collage and pin it to your door, that way you can't miss that joy once you step out of the house on every occasion.

    Happy decorating, and who knows maybe a housewarming party might be brewing for you real soon.


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