Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

Posted 2013-02-04 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Cleaning out some clothes to give to charity

"Less clutter means a clearer mind and feeling much lighter and more energetic."

Not the most pleasant task, yet it sometimes needs to be done. The law of use can never be violated. If you have a lot of stuff around the house that you rarely if ever use; it might be time to clean the cobwebs and start afresh. Time for a spring clean.

Step 1: Start with One Room at a Time

In reducing overwhelm, it is best to concentrate your energies on one room of your home at a time. Be organised and let go of any emotional attachments to the material goods in your home. When it is time to de-clutter, you can be ruthless with ease and grace. This is difficult for a hoarder to do. When you let go of dead wood, abundance comes to you much faster. Your life will be truly amazing and you will feel much lighter. The universe abhors a vacuum. If you do not use some of your personal goods often, and if you have not used the goods for a year or more, throw (or give) them away.

Reward yourself by buying something you would normally go without, once you have accomplished such a task as this. Celebrate your wins.

Step 2: Celebrate Your Wins

It is important to celebrate your success or milestones, otherwise your accomplishments will feel like a chore as opposed to feeling good. As soon as you have cleared the clutter in one room, and you are satisfied with the way things look and how you feel about the situation; then go ahead and celebrate. Etch that success into your unconscuous mind by taking a reward that needs to feel good. It might mean taking the dog for a walk once more that same day, or going out to dinner with someone. Once you have celebrated each win in de-cluttering your home (and hence your life), then move onto the next room and so on.

Step 3: Create Separate Piles

Create a pile for the things you wish to throw away and have the garbage bin near by, that way temptation will not strike. Create another batch for the goods that you will sell, and another batch or pile for the goods that you choose to give away. Of course you will need a pile for the things that you’re willing to keep. Being organised in advance will reduce clutter among the clutter, and will make the de-cluttering process for you simpler and graceful.

A clothing bin

Step 4: Donate Your Old Clothes

I don’t know about you, yet many of us do not feel comfortable selling second hand clothes - clothes that previous people have worn. There are many homeless people who need more clothing, and so do charities. If you feel more comfortable giving items to charities; clothes and blankets would be on the top of the list. Before you know it these clothes will be in the clothing bin and there will be less clutter in your pad. It is okay to outgrow things. That way you’re creating more room for newer things that you will appreciate.

Thats right...inch by inch the decluttering process is easy.

Step 5: Sell Other Unwanted Items

Provided the other items are in a reasonable condition, or even better un-opened; these items are perfect to sell on eBay or at garage sales to name. You can use that money for those brand new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, or on whatever item you have laid your eyes on, and with the ultimate aim of not getting yourself into debt as a result. Why? You have created a vacuum for better items that you will appreciate more to arrive into your home and into your life.

What you might sell on sites such as eBay


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