Do Usability Testing Before Launching Your Website

Do Usability Testing Before Launching Your Website

Posted 2019-02-27 by Anassawfollow
They say that knowledge is power. With knowledge about usability testing, you are equipped to create grand end-user experiences for visitors to your site. The only way to ascertain that your website will satisfy users is by conducting usability testing and correcting any mistakes that you may notice.

It is important to make browsing your site easy for potential clients . Marketing through a website can either work out perfectly for your business or work against you, depending on the level of satisfaction enjoyed by the visitors. If your site loads fast, you are likely to have a higher conversion rate. This piece focuses on how to conduct usability testing and ensure your website is working to your advantage.

Conduct Users Testing Recruitment

Testing the usability of a website should be taken seriously just like any other tasks in your business. You need to assign the role to a team that is going to organize and conduct the tests. Depending on the level of expertise you have in your business, you need to settle on the right user testing participants out of your circle or involve the your employees. Whoever you select to go with should have experience in testing websites and be in a position to handle technical glitches. You may also assign the task to a team and an expert for more accurate testing.

Know Your Target Audience and Involve Them

You are creating the website for your potential clients. You need to know if the functioning of your website suits their needs. It is essential to bring a sample of your target audience on board and let them explore the website and give you feedback on any glitches or bugs they have encountered.

The feedback you will receive from your target audience should help you correct the flaws and help you improve your website. Also, you may consider giving an incentive for accurate results to make it a significant task in the eyes of your sample target audience. You can employ the use of tools such as PPC ads to bring your preferred testers on board.

Get Your Staff Members Involved

Invite your staff members to have a taste of the testing experience. The testing results should be intense and wide to give you accurate results. What way to test your website than to request your staff members to give you genuine results? The testing procedure should be part of staff training. They will learn essential things about a website and help to make it more effective. In the case of client inquiry, your staff members will be better placed to respond with the right information. For this reason, it would be a great idea to involve your staff members during the crucial process.

Put Your Results Into Practice

In the end, you will have accumulated all types of results from all angles. Your usability testing findings should be divided into qualitative or quantitative data. Quantitative data should major on numbers and give you fractions of the sample users that encountered specific problems or the total number of users who found the website experience satisfactory. On the other hand, qualitative data should dig deeper into how exactly the website couldn’t meet the standards of a good site or rather how well it met the criteria. The coupling of both types of results should help you identify the strengths or weaknesses and figure out how to enhance the usability of your website.

If you were wondering why usability testing is important, now you have the answer. Both your company and potential clients need a good website for effective interaction. This is why conducting usability testing is a vital process in securing a sound future for your company. You should embrace it.


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