Enjoy Your Patio Furniture for Many Years with These Methods

Enjoy Your Patio Furniture for Many Years with These Methods

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Use Specialized Methods to Care for Each Type of Furniture

If you are enjoying going outside during the summer, then taking care of outdoor furniture is a necessity to ensure the items look beautiful and last for many years. Your outdoor dining patio furniture probably gets a constant workout during family meals and neighborhood parties. Chances are that during mealtimes at barbecues, the tables and chairs receive spills from beverages and greasy food. While everyone is having fun, you might forget to wipe up messes, leading to deep stains on wood or plastic tabletops and chairs. There are specialized ways to clean your outdoor furniture in order to have chairs, tables and chaises ready anytime for your spur-of-the-moment cookouts.

Maintaining Glass Embellished Outdoor Furniture

One of the most popular patio designs for outdoor furniture is glass embellishments, especially on tabletops. Unfortunately, these can get damaged easily with nicks and scratches where debris tends to collect. Use a mixture of mild dish detergent and warm water to soften debris in these depressions before rubbing gently. Avoid harsh treatment to avoid breaking these glass surfaces. Make sure to rinse away all traces of detergents to prevent streaks. If there are deep chips in the glass, then buy a repair kit in the automotive department of a local store. Apply this product according to its directions.

Protect Wood Patio Furniture from Rain and Snow

Outdoor relaxing chairs are often made of beautiful wood such as pine or redwood that requires protection with regular coats of paint or varnish. When wood on patio furniture is not treated, it absorbs debris quickly, leading to an unattractive appearance. Once each year, you can sand off the old peeling paint or varnish to apply a new layer of protection. To protect wood outdoor furniture from rain, you should use oily soaps created to repel water. In the winter, use specialized covers for patio furniture to avoid serious damage from snow and ice.

Prevent Damage to Plastic Patio Furniture

Many stores sell outdoor dining patio furniture made of plastic because it is extremely inexpensive. While the most popular color is white, it is now also found in unique patio designs with different colors and patterns. Plastic furniture is lightweight, making it easy to move around to different areas on a porch or deck but also making it susceptible to damage. If high winds develop quickly, then this furniture is often thrown around, causing it to break. You might want to store plastic patio furniture in a garage or garden shed to keep it in good condition. To keep it clean, you only need to use a water hose and a cloth.

Protecting Metal Patio Furniture

Metal patio furniture is long-lasting, gorgeous and stays in place when there are high winds in the area. Of course, metal will rust or degrade when not properly treated, so you must apply paint that covers all surfaces. When metal surfaces on arms or legs are scuffed or scratched, you can use a tool to buff away the damage before applying a new coat of paint. Avoid using harsh detergents on any type of metal patio furniture to prevent damage to surfaces. A mixture of warm water and white vinegar can help to remove a buildup of debris to make the metallic surfaces look beautiful again.

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