Expand your social circle and expand your horizons

Expand your social circle and expand your horizons

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Often it is easy to fall into a circle of friends that, while being great friends, might restrict activities and limit your chances of making new friends. This is especially true if your friends don't do much more than hang out. Many people tend to live a very restricted life avoiding new people and experiences.

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Let's look at how to expand your life, your circle friends and the experiences that you have.


  • Take up a new hobby or activity

  • One of the easiest ways to meet new people is to take up a new hobby or activity. This is easiest if your circle of friends are also into taking up new activities and are supportive of you doing this.

    However sometimes, or in reality, often, you have to go out and do this by yourself. You are not abandoning your friends but seeking out new things.

  • Join new groups

  • If you have hobbies or interests, find new groups of people who share these, or alternatively, join a group to start a new hobby or activity.

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    There are lots of groups out there for anything from hiking to eating pizza. Chances are you can find one that interests you.

  • Do anything new

  • I actually know people who go to the same place every day for lunch, even though the area is surrounded by many other restaurants. Some people don't just fall into a routine, they dig themselves in, add sandbags to the top along with barbed wire.

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    If you do anything different you are expanding your horizons, if it is only by a little. Over time you will build up to newer and more exciting adventures.

  • Be a new you

  • One way to make new friends is to change yourself. This is not about rejecting the old you, but about finding new things to embrace. Maybe it is getting fitter, appreciating new types of music or taking on a new attitude to life.

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    A new you will attract new and different friends. If you are fitter, you will have fit friends, if you get into art and poetry you will attract arty and poetic friends.

  • Bring your friends along with you

  • The best thing about expanding your horizons and finding new friends is bringing your friends with you. Often they might not help you in the beginning, which is a little sad, but will want to be part of your new life.

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