Fold a Towel Elephant

Fold a Towel Elephant

Posted 2013-09-18 by Charliefollow
[ADVERT]Towel elephants are a cute addition to a guest bedroom, bathroom, or as a surprise for someone returning from a long day at work or a trip away. The towel elephant is simple and easy to do, so anyone can bring a bit of extra cheer to the bathroom towel.

Time: 15 minutes

1 rectangular bath towel
1 rectagular hand towel


  • Lay the bath towel out so that it is flat over the floor or table.

  • Fold the ends of the towel in by about 10 centimeters.

  • Next, fold the ends in again for the same distance as the first fold. This will leave an unfolded, single layer section in the middle that should be about the same width as each of the folded sections.

  • From the top and bottom, roll the edges towards the middle of the towel.

  • To form a double scroll that is even on both sides.

  • Lift the centre of the scroll (the section that was the single layered section originally) and fold the scroll so that the rolls face outwards. This will form the elephant body and legs.

  • Stand the legs up and leave to one side while you make the elephant face, trunk and ears.

  • Lay the handtowel flat on the floor of bench top. Clip a clothes peg to the centre, or pin the centre beneath a chair leg.

  • From the top corners, roll the towel edges in towards the middle (marked by the peg or chair leg). roll both sides to meet in the middle.

  • Turn the rolled towel over so that the flat side faces up.

  • Take the narrow end in hand and roll it into a tight roll, which, when released, will form the elephant trunk. Squeeze the roll tightly so that the towel will hold its curled shape once released.

  • Take the flat area of the towel between the points and unroll it towards the centre.

  • This section will spread out to form the elephant forehead, and as it does so will also form the elephant's ears.

  • Leaving you with a face, and a body. Stand the body and legs up, then carefully lift the head and place it onto the body with the trunk and two leg rolls facing the same direction.

  • Wriggle the head around until it sits in an elephant-looking position!

  • And voila! Towel elephant complete. Ready to pop onto a bed for a welcome home greeting!

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