Get Rid of Lice

Get Rid of Lice

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I have had my fair share of battles with this parasite. To be honest, while you may arm yourself with a caboodle of lice shampoo the truth of the matter that no matter what you do, you are still dependent on other parents doing the same thing.

After speaking to a pharmacist about the lice epidemic, there is one thing that is clear: lice are becoming more resilient to the shampoos on the market. Of course, once you have cleared out all living louse inhabitants on your child’s head, your child is now left with clean hair. And all it takes is just one louse to start the warfare all over again.

Lice free kids are happy kids

Lice are not dangerous and they don’t spread diseases. But they are a pest and are contagious. As I stated before, it just take one louse to start an nightmare of trying to rid this pest from hair and household.

When it comes to the shampoos on the market, I can say I have tried them all. Getting rid of lice becomes a huge expense on any household. So, in all honesty, I can understand how some families just cannot afford to tackle this challenge. Not only do you have the cost of shampoo which can be anything from $15.00 and more, but you also have to wash all bedding. It is an untold amount of work and cost on any family’s budget.

Needless to say, from all the lotions and potions on the market, I found a system that really works and it is affordable. This process does take time; however it will be well worth it.

Time: 90 minutes


1 bottle of pyrenel foam (bought from Coles for about $8.00)
1 bottle of cheap conditioner (bought from Coles for about $2.00)
1 shower cap
1 old towel
1 towel (to dry hair at end of process)
1 Lice comb
1 small bottle of tea tree oil


  • Wash your child’s hair to instructions. If it says leave in hair for 10 minutes , then leave in for 20 minutes.

  • Wash out the lice shampoo and lather your child’s hair with conditioner. Put so much conditioner on the hair that there is more conditioner than hair.

  • Leave this in your hair for about 1 hour. (I know – it sounds long but you can also cover your child’s hair with a shower cap to help the process)

  • Use a louse comb to comb through the hair and conditioner. You will need to use an old towel to wipe the comb before you comb the hair again.

  • I found that this is the most successful method to date. My kids are lice free, and to ensure it remains that we I put a little tea tree oil around the edge of the hair on the forehead, ears and back of neck. Tea tree oil can be a bit pricey however it can prevent a whole heap of work in the future. Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.


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