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TEFL and TESOL are certification training courses for people who want to teach English to foreign language speakers. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TESOL means Teachers of English to speakers of other languages. While similar, these certifications prepare educators to work in different teaching environments.

What Is TEFL Certification?

TEFL certification qualifies educators to teach English abroad. The combination of TEFL certification and a Bachelor's degree qualifies candidates for teaching jobs outside the U.S. TEFL certification shows teachers have learned the skills needed to teach overseas. It prepares them to teach English language skills, create lesson plans for foreign language learners, go over English grammar concepts and stand out from other job applicants. In situations where the school looking for teachers doesn't require TEFL certification to be hired, teachers with the certification improve their chances of being chosen.

What Is TESOL Certification?

TESOL certification qualifies educators to teach classes in English as a Second Language throughout the U.S. and in English-speaking countries worldwide. In English-speaking countries, ESL courses help foreign language speakers learn the basics needed to communicate in English. Most school systems in the United States, both public and private, offer ESL classes. Educators with TESOL certification can teach at every grade levels, all the way from preschoolers to adults.

What Is The Difference Between TEFL And TESOL?

While TEFL and TESOL are similar, there are some differences. In the United States TESOL is very common. In Britain, TEFL is more popular. TEFL is for foreign students. TESOL is for any student for whom English isn't their first language. TEFL tends to be associated with teaching students English in their home country. TESOL, on the other hand, is usually used to teach foreign-language speakers who have moved to countries where the native language is English.

Where Can I Teach With A TEFL Certificate?

TESOL certification allows you to teach English as a second language in an English-speaking country.

How To Get TEFL Certification

Getting TEFL certification requires about 120 hours of training, as well as practical classroom experience of about 6 hours. It's possible to complete an In-Person TEFL course, get certified and begin teaching English overseas in five to six weeks.

However, it takes most people 4-6 months to earn their TEFL certification, find a job and begin teaching English abroad. It's also possible to take an online TEFL certification course to earn your qualification to teach English. These courses let students learn at their own pace.

It's also possible to take your TEFL certification course in the country in which you want to work. This can help educators become familiar with the people and the social and educational environment before beginning to work there.

Most cities that are popular among expats are highly likely to have at least an institution where you can take a TEFL certification course. And, when that’s the case, it simply means that the city has a strong need for foreign teachers. For example, As one of the most favourite destinations for foreigners, Chiang Mai has many hundreds of teaching jobs for foreigners in and around the city.

Getting TEFL certified online is also easy, convenient and cost-effective. Many organizations offer the certification classes online and signing up is fast, easy and simple.

Which TEFL Course To Take?

Deciding which TEFL course to take is a personal decision. The curriculum at most organizations offering the certification classes is the same. The decision usually comes down to with which location, organization, format or price the applicant feels most comfortable.

How Much Is A TEFL Course?

While there are online TEFL certification classes for as low as $49., most reputable organizations charge between $100 and $400. for their online TEFL certification courses. In-Person TEFL certification courses typically cost between $1,600 and $2,000.

Where Can I Teach With A TESOL Certificate?

TEFL certification enables you to teach English-As-A-Second-Language in non-English speaking countries.

How To Get TESOL Certification

It's possible to get TESOL certification through both in-class and online courses. Both generally require at least 120 hours of training. In-class certification classes offer in-person learning and communication and the opportunity to get practical experience working in the classroom setting. This helps new teachers get comfortable working with students and prepares them to be able to begin teaching immediately after graduation. The classes are offered all over the world. Online TESOL certification classes let educators set their own schedule for completing their training and gives them the freedom to do it from anywhere there's an internet connection. The curriculum is the same in either format.

How Much Is A TESOL Course?

In-Person TESOL certification courses range in price from $900 to $2,500. That includes live instructor-led classes, all course materials and 6 hours of classroom training. Some programs also offer job placement assistance. Online TESOL certification courses cost between $100 and $400 and allow students to learn at their own pace.

TEFL OR TESOL Certification?

The decision on whether to seek TESOL certification or TEFL certification depends on where you plan to work once you complete the certification course. If you plan to teach English to foreign-language speakers in a country where English is the dominant language, then TESOL certification should be your choice. If your plan entails teaching ESL in non-English speaking countries, then get TEFL certification.

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