Get TESOL Certification Requirements Cost

Get TESOL Certification Requirements Cost

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If you're a native English speaker, have you ever considered moving abroad and teaching the language to others? To do this, you must get a TESOL certification, which proves you are capable of teaching.

There are many advantages to having this certification, one being that you get the opportunity to travel the world and make a living at the same time. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about getting your certification.

What is TESOL Certification?

The obvious question is what does TESOL stand for? TESOL stands for "teaching English as a second language." It is one of a few recognised certifications for teaching English around the world to non-native speakers.

This certification is specially designated for teaching English as a second language in non-English speaking countries.

Once certified, you can teach English in many different formats and you'll be in high demand and may even be offered a lifetime commitment. Read more below about how to get TESOL certification.

What is the Difference Between TESOL, TEFL and Celta?

There are a variety of TESOL certification requirements, but it's fairly similar to other programs out there, with a few differences.

TEFL refers to teaching English as a foreign language," and it is for people who want to teach English for students studying it as a foreign language as an academic subject, so the focus is on grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension and reading.

TESOL is for people who live in an English speaking country and as an instructor, your goal will be to use English in daily life. The differences come in how you'll learn the information necessary to become certified and how long the course takes.

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Where Can I Teach with a TESOL Certification?

One question people have when learning more about the answer to what is TESOL, is where you can teach once you are certified. There are plenty of options out there, including teaching children in primary schools and working with adults who want to perfect their use of the English language. You'll have opportunities in many English and non-English speaking countries around the world.

How to Get TESOL Certification

The answer to how to get TESOL certified is, fortunately, a pretty easy one. You can get certified both online and in the classroom. Online classes give you flexibility, while in-class learning offers in-person resources for learning.

The option you choose is based on your lifestyle and personal preferences. It's up to you to choose how to study for your certification, but it will involve about 120 hours of instruction and learning.

Some TESOL training centre even provides course takers with training opportunities and facilities with local students in a variety of age groups. For example, Seu TESOL , the training centre in Chiang Mai who partnered with a number of private Thai schools in the region.

How Much Does a TESOL Course Usually Cost?

If you're worried about TESOL certification cost, you might be surprised that it's not as expensive as you might think. In general, taking your course online will likely be lower in cost than in-person training.

There is quite a bit of variability among the programs so it makes sense to spend some time researching your options so you can choose the one that works best for your budget.

Your initial investment covers the 120 hours of learning to become certified, but some programs offer additional courses or options that will cost additional money.

Many courses list the cost in US dollars, but you can pay for your program with many different kinds of currency. As an example, becoming TESOL certified costs $2,290, or around £1,800. Other programs cost more, while some might be a bit less. The overall cost of TESOL certification can be as low as £600.

Be sure that the program you choose is certified and accredited before you pay any money since your certificate may not be recognised if it isn't received from an authorised source.


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