Hack Love

Hack Love

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Love is many a splendid thing, but love is also a basic biological function that can be easily hacked by anyone looking to make others fall in love with them.

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Time: It can only take a few minutes to make people love you

The object of your love

  • Emotional transference

  • Many human emotions are a combination of biological response and psychological interpretation. A study found that when you give people a stimulant they will copy the emotions of the people around them. If the person near them is angry they will feel angry, and if they are happy, they too will feel happy.

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    Now don't give your loved one drugs, but there are other ways to achieve this. Take them to a horror movie or amusement park ride. When they are excited and their heart is pounding from the movie or ride it is time to express your love. This will make them love you back.

  • Darken the room

  • How do you know if someone loves you. If you have access to an MRI scanner you can examine their brain function to detect if they are in love. As you probably don't have access to such expensive equipment and trying to shove the object your love into an MRI scanner is probably going to make them call the police. It is much easier just to observe their eyes. When someone loves you their pupils will dilate. Hence the big love eyes.

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    So this is why candle lit dinners are popular among lovers, but you can hack this further but starting somewhere well lit and making it go slowly dark. This can be achieved by eating outdoors at sunset. As it gets darker the pupils in your eyes will dilate, and they will think you are falling in love with them and they will also start to fall in love with you.

  • It's all in the eyes

  • Getting the eyes right is a difficult one. Simply gazing into someone's eyes can make them fall in love with you. If this sounds super creepy, it is because generally it is.

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    We actually attract people by not looking at them, and it is those glances that build attraction. You can hack this though by finding an excuse to look into someone's eyes. If someone asks if they can practice their iridology on you, maybe they are just looking for an excuse to make you look in their eyes and make you fall in love with them.

  • Chocolate and candy

  • Chocolate has an affect on the body similar to being in love. Eating sweet things in general makes people friendlier. If you want someone to love you, then share a dessert with them.

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  • Gifts in general

  • Did you know that when a woman receives a gift, it releases a chemical in their body that makes them more likely to have an orgasm. Why do you think women like getting gifts?

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