Hack your Ability

Hack your Ability

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To be good at anything takes a lot of time and practice. However sometimes there is a need to step up. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to boost your ability across a whole range of different tasks.

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Time: Some techniques take less than a minute

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  • The colour red

  • While there is a myth that the colour red enrages bulls, it is totally true that for humans, red can help you perform better. Simply by looking at the colour red you can run faster, do better exams and generally work harder.

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    So whenever you have a difficult task get some red.

  • Believe in yourself

  • Life is not a Disney or Pixar movie, but the lesson is the same, if you believe in your ability and have confidence your performance will improve. Self-esteem can be boosted in a number of ways, including going back and doing simpler tasks you are good at so you have lots of successes. You can also have a performance boost from people simply telling you that you have the ability. It also works to tell yourself that you can do it.

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  • Visualise

  • Athletes do this all the time, they visualise what they have to do before they do it. Have a clear picture in your mind of your actions before you do them to boost your performance.

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  • Be competitive

  • Competitive people really bug me, some of them can turn walking up to the shop into a race. Yet they have found the secret to boosting their own personal performance.

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    You can compete against your friends, classmates or colleagues, but you can also compete against yourself and keep trying to improve. Make sure your competitive nature is a positive one.

  • Short-term rewards

  • A colleague used to do this with his students. He would find one really big strong guy in the class and ask them to grab onto the classroom door frame and hold himself up for as long as possible. Afterwards he would ask him "Do you think you could have held on any longer" and the answer would always be "no". Then he would pull $20 out of his pocket and say "If you can hold on for longer this time, I will give you the $20".

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    Now I not giving you a reward for guessing what happened, but having direct rewards for our actions usually spur us on to higher performance.

  • Combine techniques

  • Through a combination of these techniques you can push yourself to do better and achieve more. However remember that you have to also build up skills and ability over the long-term.


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