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A staycation is where you stay at home but treat it like a proper vacation. For many people the idea of a staycation sounds super lame but the only thing stopping you from having a great staycation is yourself.

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Time: However many days you have off

You, your friends and your loved ones
Vacation clothes
The right attitude
Enough money to have holiday fun

  • Adopt the right attitude.

  • The difference between a vacation and staying at home is that if spent thousands to travel around the world you will do you best to do everything. When you are at home you often think to yourself, it is too hot, too cold, too windy, it is raining etc so you stay at home.

    Adopt a holiday attitude, you are going to go out and enjoy yourself no matter what.

  • Put aside all the chores

  • The other most common reason why staycations fail is because many people get sucked into activities such as housework, shopping and so on. On holiday you would put the minimum amount of effort into these things but at home they usually end up taking priority.

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    Your staycation is the priority, make it the number one priority.

  • Make a list

  • When most people have a vacation they make a list of things to do. Do the same thing. It is easy in some cities. When I lived in Sydney Australia, or Beijing China, the number of things you could go and do in a day was huge, and often there would be one tourist attraction right next to another and then another, making it easy.

  • Dress the right way

  • Many people on holiday dress the right way. When on staycation dress like you are on vacation.

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  • Go out

  • The number one thing is to go out. Don't stay in. No matter what the weather, you have to be out of the house.

  • Don't go back home

  • Many people I know fail at staycations because they go out, do something and go back home. When on holiday we might spend the whole day walking around a city, follow up an art gallery with a nice lunch, then go to another tourist attraction, then have dinner. Often when travelling and I am not sure what to do I will head off for a massage, while at home, I would just go home.

  • Spend money

  • You are not spending money on hotels and airfares so don't be shy about spending money on food, taxis and other things. Sure you could go home and cook dinner and save money, but you could also try a new restaurant in your area.

  • Do what you would not normally do

  • Is there some sort of touristy attraction in your town that you have never been too? Are there places that you just have never been too. Make sure you are going to places you don't normally go, eating where you don't normally eat and doing things you don't often do.

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  • Take photos and see your town differently

  • When we travel we usually take lots of photos. Try this trick, walk around your neighbourhood or city centre and you will be surprised how many great photos you can take and the response if you post these on facebook.

    Taking photos means seeing your town in a different way.

  • Realise not everyone can have a staycation

  • In fact most people can't really have a vacation. Some people who go off to another culture just to stay in a resort hotel which they never really leave. Other people avoid the local food or just spend their time drinking in bars.

    If you can't have a good staycation you probably never ever had a great vacation.


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