Heal With Crystals

Heal With Crystals

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In the commercial world crystals and gemstones are highly sought, often used for jewellery, decoration, and currency. But they have a much more valuable role to play than a monetary one or simply being aesthetically pleasing. Crystals have healing properties. Crystals heal on all levels: the spiritual, emotional, mental, and the physical.

To all you sceptics out there, just think about the modern medical technology used in hospitals such as ultra sound machines. They utilize piezoelectric crystals to produce sound waves. A tightly focussed beam of ultrasound can cauterise internal wounds and blast apart tumours without the need for invasive surgery. And thousands of years ago, Ancient Egyptians ground Malachite into a powder and spread it over wounds to prevent infection.

Obviously these techniques can only be performed by professionals, but there are plenty of homeopathic and holistic treatments that you can do at home.

Time: 12 hours

1 crystal
1 bowl with sealable lid
500ml bottle of spring water


  • Choosing Your Crystal

  • The first thing you must consider is which crystal to use. The type, colour, and shape you need all depends on the kind of problem you want to want to solve. For example, aquamarine is good for the eyes, jaw, spleen, and throat, while amber for the brain, ears, or thyroid. Red stones should be used for blood related illnesses and can improve blood pressure, while a green stone helps the heart and respiratory system. Crystals come in many shapes; some are natural and others have been moulded. Wand shaped stones can draw out negative energy, while egg shaped stones can help the reproduction system. There are far too many variations to mention, but quartz is my favourite type of crystal because it is a good all-rounder, and can be used effectively for most cases. If you want to delve deeper into the type of stone you need, you can ask the shop assistant in a specialist store or buy a crystal bible.

  • Programming Your Crystal

  • Once you have cleansed your crystal you need to programme it to perform the specific task to want. Hold the crystal in your hand in front of light and say 'I programme this crystal for [specific purpose]. You could keep hold of the crystal, but that might be difficult if you need to do things throughout the day, so either put it in your pocket or place it somewhere you'll see it frequently. After you have finished using the crystal, cleanse it again so it is ready for re-programming.

  • Types of Treatments

  • a) Make an Elixir

    Crystals work by resonance, which means their properties can be transferred into water through the vibrations that it gives off. Simply pour 500ml spring water into a bowl and put the stone inside. Programme your stone by saying you want the elixir to be used for, then seal the lid over the bowl and put it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, remove the stone and pour the water back into the bottle you got it from to drink at your convenience. You can use more than one stone at a time, just add 100ml extra water.

    b) Align Your Chakras

    Hindus and Buddhists believe that we all have a chakras, which is essentially our life force and energy. If one of these chakras become unbalanced then it can make us feel out of place, stressed, or ill. In New Age Medicine, crystals are often used to heal the chakras and re-align them. There are seven main chakras which are located and relate to different parts of the body. Each chakra also corresponds to a different colour, which indicates which type of crystal you should use.

    1. Base Chakra - found by the ankles and relates to the skeletal and nervous system. Its colours are red (e.g. ruby), brown (e.g. tiger's eye), grey (e.g. hematite), and black (obsidian).

    2. Sacral Chakra - found by the pelvis and relates to the reproductive system, lower back, kidneys, and abdomen. Its colours are orange (e.g. Carnelian) and silver (e.g. pyrite)

    3. Solar Plexus Chakra - found by the naval and relates to the digestive system, liver, and spleen. Its colour is yellow (e.g. chrysoberyl)

    4. Heart Chakra - found by the heart and relates to the circulatory system, lungs, and chest. Its colours are green (e.g. peridot) and pink (e.g. rose quartz).

    5. Throat chakra - found on the neck and relates to the mouth, nose, and bronchial passages. It's colour is light blue (e.g. aquamarine).

    6. Brow Chakra - found on the forehead and relates to the ears, sinus, and pituitary gland. Its colour is purple (e.g. amethyst).

    7. Crown Chakra - found at the top of the head and relates to the brain and immune system. Its colour s are white (e.g milky quartz) and gold (e.g. scheelite).

    To perform a healing, lay down and place the appropriate crystal on the part of the body you want to work on. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being filled with light and that the crystal is absorbing the 'illness' away. Stay in this relaxed position until you begin to feel re-energised.


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