Hire Property Dispute Lawyers

Hire Property Dispute Lawyers

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When looking for a new house, most people concentrate on checklist items such as square footage, whether pets are allowed, and the amount they will have to pay in rent. In the process, they forget to find out who they are moving in next to, and rarely ask who their landlord will be.

Sometimes, tenants realise they are in a hostile rental situation after they have already signed the lease and moved in. There is very little that tenants can do to avoid conflicts with difficult neighbours. When these conflicts arise, it is advisable to contact competent land dispute lawyers before acting whenever you think someone is infringing on your rights.


Common Causes of Landlord-Tenant Conflicts

All landlords require their tenants to sign an agreement before entering their property. However, very few tenants fully understand the implication of the laws that they agree to follow. There are other times when landlords and property managers also violate their end of tenant agreements. Here are some of the most common dispute sources:

• When tenants violate the town or village code by playing loud music or going beyond occupancy limits and parking regulations.
• When there is damage to the rental property
• Holdovers after a lease term or illegal eviction attempts
• When a landlord illegally hikes the rent, or the tenant fails to pay their rent on time

In a rental situation, anyone can end being the defendant in a court of law. The crucial thing is to make sure that you follow the right process when defending. Here are four simple rules to follow.

1. Try Amicable Out of Court Resolution First

Before going to court over a dispute with your landlord or tenant, it is advisable to try an out-of-court settlement. Most of the disagreements happen over things which can be resolved without resulting in litigation anyway. If the other party is being unreasonable, consider hiring property dispute solicitors as an objective third party and peacemaker in the process.

2. Avoid Vengeance

Living situations can be stressful. A lot of animosity can arise from one or two people feeling like someone is encroaching on their personal space and causing them emotional distress. No matter how aggrieved you feel, do not egg a person’s car, or break their window, because the court will never view your case objectively if you do this.


3. Evidence is Key

Another crucial thing to remember is to document everything if you want to have a compelling case for the court. Documents are the evidence which will substantiate your claims. If you have photo evidence and contracts and other agreements, you prevent the case from becoming a tedious hearsays situation.

4. Have a Result in Mind

If you want a property dispute lawyer to give you excellent results, you have to be clear about what you want to achieve with the lawsuit. For instance, determine if you want monetary compensation and what amount, or if you want an extension. It will direct the actions of the lawyer to help you meet your goals.

Property disputes can be long and bitter court battles. It is always advisable to have the help of a competent property disputes attorney working for you. With the right legal counsel, finding resolution to your cases will be quite easy.

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