How Busy Moms Can Make Money At Home

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Working at home is gaining in popularity throughout the world. The Internet makes it possible to work as a customer service representative, real estate agent or start your own business in the comfort of your own home. More companies are realizing that it is more cost-effective for them to hire people to work from home without the cost of expensive office equipment. The odds of finding a telecommuting position or self-employment opportunities are high.

Work at home moms enjoy the flexibility of working and raising their children. You save money on gas, clothes and work lunches. There are no office politics to deal with when working from home. Most moms who work from home accept part-time work opportunities. Here is a partial list of job options that allow some workers to telecommute:

-customer service
-data entry
-financial adviser
-real estate agent
-pet setting
-online auction selling
- photography
-social media work
-service contractors

Customer Service Representative

The best way to find a customer service representative position is to check online job boards. Some companies hire people to work from home as an employee. Other companies want workers who are independent contractors. This means that the company will not withhold money for taxes. It is important that you consult a financial adviser before working as an independent contractor. Many global companies also offer the same type of benefits you will find in a traditional office position.

You will likely need access to an Internet phone service and a word processing program. Most companies will provide any special software you may need to answer phone calls. Customer service representatives usually work part-time for a specific number of hours each week. You will likely have a phone interview for the position. Most companies will require a background and drug test screening for employee positions. Some independent contractor positions may not require a background check and drug test.

Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents enjoy flexible hours and the ability to work from home. They also show homes during the evenings and weekends. Real estate agents work or themselves and usually determine their own schedule. However, most real estate agents do not have a steady paycheck. They often must wait weeks or even months before making a sale and receiving commissions.

Start Your Own Business

Consider starting your own business if you need to make a part-time income. There are many opportunities for starting a new business that does not require a lot of money. Keep your business income separate from your personal checking account. It is important to keep good financial records to ensure business success.

Working at home has advantages such as saving money. However, there are some challenges that most moms encounter when working from home. You must choose your work hours carefully since you are caring for your children. Some mothers wait until their partners are home to start working. It all depends on what type of position you accept when working from home. Develop a flexible work schedule that works with your family’s schedule. Working at home can be challenging, but the benefits outweigh the challenges at the end of the workday.

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