How to Acquire New Customers and Retain Existing Ones

How to Acquire New Customers and Retain Existing Ones

Posted 2017-02-21 by Bobfollow
Growing a business requires you to get new customers. At the same time, you must retain the existing ones. You have to treat these two aspects of customer engagement equally as a business owner. Here are tips on how you can acquire new customers while at the same time keep the existing ones.

Acquiring New Customers

Step 1 - Find a niche and build a strong business presence around it

There is always a smaller part of a larger target market that is unexploited. Such small segments have the potential to foster a good environment for engaging new customers. Start by knowing more about the customers in that segment. Note down their age, education, gender, hobbies and employment status. You can then use this information to create a true picture of who your clients are and provide them with relevant products.

Step 2 - Advertise

Take your brand image out there and let everyone see it. Advertise in the media and online. You can place an advert on TV, newspaper or radio if you have the resources. You can also use social media platforms to engage people. Make sure your ads can grab people’s [Link].

Step 3 - Host a corporate event

Hosting an event is a powerful way to engage new clients. Get a [Link great event location] to give people an outstanding ambiance, good foods and terrific company. Look for the right venue with an intimate setting. Providing a good experience will stay in people's memories for a long time. This will make them desire to do business with you.

Step 4 - Team up with other businesses

Allow businesses that have the same target to use their databases to promote your products. Encourage them to attach a gift voucher or any other offer for your products. This approach is suitable for businesses that produce items commonly sold in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Retaining Clients

Step 1 - Keep the quality of your products consistent

The quality of your products is one of the factors that drove the customers to your business in the first place. Keep it constant to make the existing customers come back the next day. If you make food, the burger needs to be the same from Monday to Friday. Make it your responsibility as a business owner to ensure the workers adhere to the set quality standards all the time.

Step 2 - Thank your customers

Do not work so hard on gaining more clients to an extent you ignore the existing ones. You need to be thankful for their loyalty. A simple but sincere thanks can make a difference. Avoid the traditional printed cards that companies usually send at the end of the year or during birthdays. Be more authentic and thank your clients with a handwritten message. This shows real appreciation.

Step 3 - Offer promotions

Occasional promotions and discounts cannot hurt your business profit margins. They will only create more brand loyalty and trust. Offer discounts for new products. [Link Award] the customers for every purchase they make. Think about what they need and offer that product or service.

Step 4 - Give incentives for every referral

Encourage the existing customers to refer people to your business in exchange for gifts or discounted items. This will nurture a good relationship with the current clients while helping you get new ones. Most clients are willing to take up the challenge and do the marketing for you as long you are willing to offer something in return.

Step 5 - Practice good customer service

Train your staff to treat the customers with a lot of respect. Set regular and accessible hours. Do not open from 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., unless you run a nightclub. Have a strong customer support system that is capable of settling disputes in a timely manner.


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