How to Become a Restaurant Manager

How to Become a Restaurant Manager

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Restaurant management can be a very rewarding and lucrative profession. A career choice in restaurant managements can also be a very demanding field, requiring a mastery of organization, management, and leadership skills, and the role of a manager is often a tiring and thankless job.

Day in the Life of a Restaurant Manager

Restaurant managers face challenges such as fuming patrons and peculiar chefs to manage. A wait staff that miss their shifts and food orders that can be delivered to the wrong person, be prepared improperly, or go missing altogether, all of which the manager holds accountability to the owner of the restaurant, chain manager, and any higher management, at the same time trying to have a great guest service culture . Long hours are all but required, and almost always mean overtime.

All these negative aspects may seem intimidating but indeed, restaurant management comes with many incredible rewards as well. Seeing diners truly enjoy a meal, solving shift problems for the waiters, and the approval of the proprietor are all personally satisfying aspects of this career.

How Much a Restaurant Manager Make?

Stress and satisfaction aside, restaurant managers will find their work well compensated. The median income for a restaurant manager, on average, is $54,469 , with some making above that. Given the opportunity to work anywhere, from cosmopolitan cities to sleepy rural towns, with celebrity chefs or the hometown grill cook, restaurant managers are some of the most satisfied members of the workforce.

Requirements Needed to Become a Restaurant Manager?

Restaurant management, however, is not an easy job. Sometimes the workload can become too much, and sometimes one may feel ill-equipped to deal with various problems that arise. In this situation, it’s best to take a step back and realize that you may need further training to advance your career and improve your work performance. Thankfully, many education programs exist to teach you how to advance your career.

In years past, a degree in hospitality was not completely necessary to follow a career in restaurant management. However, in our modern competitive world, most positions require some form of postsecondary education, whether that be in the form of a 2- or 4-year degree, a certificate of completion, etc.

The good news is that there are many institutions with programs available to help you advance your career. The following are some of the most widely recognized programs to help advance your career as a restaurant manager.

One of the most basic things required to become a restaurant manager is to obtain a food handler’s certificate. All employees working with food need to know the essential skills taught in this certificate program.

Training Courses and Advancement

The RMLV training courses offer a one-day educational experience that teaches you how to manage a business properly and is required in Queensland to receive an approved manager’s license. You will receive a certificate of completion that needs to be renewed every three years. While this course will cover all the basics and is required of all managers, it does not go into extreme detail, and further educational supplements may be required.

A one-year diploma that is nationally recognized is a quick way to advance your career. Choose from the best online courses and helps to expand and develop the topics covered in the RMLV course. You will learn from professionals in the industry and be trained in such areas as communication, food and beverage management, and sales and marketing.

If you are looking for a bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management can open the door to many opportunities. This 4-year degree will teach you everything you’ll need to know and can help you expand your career in other areas of hospitality, such as hotel, tourism, and even event management.

One can also benefit from a 2-year bachelor of business. This degree gives you the skills needed to advance your career or even start your own restaurant. A degree of this nature also usually offers work experience, which is invaluable when seeking a job.

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