How to Buy a Car at Auction

How to Buy a Car at Auction

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Buying a car at an auction may appear like a risky undertaking. It is, however, a platform that has seen very many people drive off in fancy cars. Bidding for a car can trigger a rush of adrenaline and so that you don’t get caught up in the moment, here are a few tips on buying your car in that next auction you attend.

1. Research as the First Step

To avoid the auction trap of buying an overpriced vehicle, one would have to get in touch with a few realities on the ground. Firstly, it is important to find out the price tag of the target vehicle. Such information is available from local dealerships and the online markets. Having an idea of the cars worth helps in avoiding a situation where you get caught up in the bidding process and lose sight of the real value of the car. Remember, most of these platforms are used vehicle auctions that offer repossessed cars, trade-in automobiles as well as previously government-owned vehicles.

As a prudent step, it is important to get a first-hand feel of the used car auctions. Attending one and getting informed of the process will go a long way in saving you money for when you attend with the intention to purchase.

2. Having a Due-Diligence Session

There should be no compromises to the car one intends to buy from an auction. Attending the pre-auction viewing is a great idea. In this case, one would be looking at the vehicle’s health and an overall assessment of whether or not the car fits the bill.

More often than not, buying a car from auction does not come with the test drive option before bidding. Individuals are therefore encouraged to look at the service schedule of the car, so as not to be blind-sided. Any vehicle without such should not be considered. Your examination should also include looking out for the inspection certificate if the vehicle falls in that specific category. If your assessment is in question, you can always have a professional do it for you.

3. Be Careful Of the Add-Ons

Most of these auctions are used vehicle auctions, and as such the vehicles may have several add-ons that may bump up the vehicle’s price. It is wise to consider the original form of the car as a comparison to what is on offer. Some add-ons, like the turbocharger or a bigger exhaust system, might be a good appeal to the eye, but a heavy price to pay for at the pump. Such considerations are good, seeing as one can always get to make a choice of doing with or without the additions, as well as whether or not, the value they place on the car is worth it in the end.

4. The Bidders Mood

Buying cars at auction can be either a loss or a gain. All bidders want to avoid a loss, and you can always tell by their reaction when the auctioneer calls out the price. In the event that the set price is an expensive tag to the car, most bidders do not heed the call to it at first, and this should be the route to take. Auctioneers then have to change tact and call out for bids from the potential buyers. This is when one should throw in their bid.

5. The Final Call on the Price

The final decision boils down to an individual who answers the question of how much they are willing to spend on the vehicle. Regardless of the value of the bids, the price you pay for the car should be a real value. However, it should also be friendly to one’s financial capabilities. This is the situation especially for those buying at auctions to resell.

Honors are on you to get value for your money while buying cars at auctions. Check out this site to browse around and know more about your local auction. Happy bidding!


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