How to Clean Outside of House Exterior House Cleaning

How to Clean Outside of House Exterior House Cleaning

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Cleaning a house is often associated with the interior parts such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. However, if you want your house to look better, you need to clean the exterior parts too. Roofs, siding and walls become dirty after some time hence may necessitate the need for outside house cleaning. Just like you enjoy a comfortable and neat living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, clean exterior parts of the house will create a fresh look and improve the curb appeal of your home. But how can you clean the outside of your house? Exterior house washing involves some crucial steps. According to A1 Outdoor Cleaners , a local Brisbane-based external house cleaning service, here are the steps that can help you learn how to clean outside of house.

Consider the Weather Condition

It is advisable that you do outside cleaning of your house during a dry and warm day. Avoid windy days to prevent an overspray. The water resulting from the overspray might come back on you while you are cleaning. If the weather is windy and rainy, you should wait until it is dry to do exterior house cleaning.

Close All Windows and Doors

Before you start cleaning the exterior, ensure that all windows and doors are shut. You can use tapes to secure them so that they don't pose any serious dangers. Place a duct tape to close the vents and other fixtures that allow light inside the room. Doing so will prevent water from entering the house. You should also move the outdoor furniture away and cover the shrubbery and plants with a waterproof material.

Use Detergents to Remove Stains

You should conduct a thorough inspection of the house before you use a detergent to clean. Look for stains on the walls, doors, windows and roof. Use a regular dishwashing soap, water and a brush to remove them. However, some stains can be stubborn and, therefore, may require stronger cleaning agents. Rust, for example, does not go well with soap. It requires stronger cleaning agents such as oxalic acid to remove it.

Use a Bleaching Agent

Use an oxygen bleach powder, dishwashing liquid and water to eliminate tough stains like, mould and rust. Place 20 litres of water, a litre of the bleach and two bottle tops of dishwashing detergent in a container. Dip a scrubber in the container and use it to scrub the stubborn stains until they disappear. You should be cautious when using a bleaching agent. Be careful not to splash it on your eyes or skin.

Use Highly Effective Cleaning Equipment

Use a cleaning brush or cleaning kit to remove dust and debris from your garden hose before you use it to clean. You can purchase a kit at your local store. Alternatively, you can attach an automobile brush to your hose. If your house is heavily soiled, then use a cleanser instead. Most kits come with compartments that guide the cleanser to the desired areas. It is advisable that you rinse your cleanser with clean water immediately after use. You can get a cleanser specifically meant for exterior house washing at most local stores.

While carrying out external house washing using a hose, you need to work from the bottom to the top of the wall. Handle small sections and rinse from the top to bottom for effective results.

Check the Pressure of Your Washer

A pressure washer can create a lot of damage to your house. It is thus important to determine the magnitude of pressure it produces. You can do so by spraying water at the corner of your house. If the pressure causes any damages to the wall, then it means the pressure is too much and might damage whatever you will be cleaning.

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