How to design your home office

How to design your home office

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Although the idea of protecting your family and possessions from other people might appear pessimistic, it is one of the ways of securing your home against burglary . Security systems ensure that your house, family and material possessions are safe. It saves you from losing sleep worrying what to do if someone breaks into our home.

Today, many homes in established neighbourhoods are equipped with home alarm systems. Those without security systems for home use are more likely to be accessed by unauthorised people. In fact, having an alarm system is enough to protect your home from burglary. There are some instances where burglars will still target homes protected with security systems. In most cases, they do so not expecting anyone to be inside. Finding family members inside the home causes them shock and panic making them act aggressively. Home security systems come in handy as they warn your family members when someone is trying to break in. In that case, they may retreat to a safe location where the intruder cannot hurt them.

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There have been numerous developments in home security systems lately because burglary has become more sophisticated. Innovations such as glass break sensors, wireless video monitoring, keyless entry pads and motion sensors have taken the place of security dogs, deadbolts and barred windows. Installing the best home security system can cost you a lot of money, but failing to get one can prove to be more costly.

Although you can get advice from your local consultant and locksmith , every average homeowner needs to have some home security system tips. Below are five different lock options suggested by Locksmiths that can help you enhance the security of your home:

Keypad Locks:

The first electronic locks introduced in the market used keypads that required a pin code for entry. Keypads are still widely used today with several innovations in place. Modern models have touchscreen panels in place of buttons. They are fitted with more security features that help prevent intruders from figuring out the code. Remember to change the pin code regularly.

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Fingerprint Identification Locks:

If you have ever used fingerprint identification on your laptop or smartphone, then you have perfect information on how it works. You just need to program your fingerprints together with those you would like to have access to your home. The system can determine the right person who is authorised to open the door.

Deadbolt Locks:

To safeguard your home from break-ins, ensure that all your exterior doors have deadbolt locks with a thickness of at least one inch. These locks are much stronger and provide more security to your home. Ensure that the space left between the door and frame is minimal when installing deadbolt locks. Too much space gives a burglar an opportunity to pry the door apart easily gaining entry. You can reinforce the doors using a piece of metal sheet or plywood.

Entry Locksets/Handlesets:

Locksets and handle sets are usually combined with a deadbolt. These locks have two doorknobs that you can lock from inside and outside. The inside knob is locked by turning or depressing a small button, while you can only unlock the outside knob using a key.

Keyless Locks:

These are used for advanced security system and convenience. One important feature is the anti-theft rolling code where the same code is never used more than once. Certain models in the locks trigger an alarm once an incorrect code is entered more than three times consecutively.

These are some of the best lock options to enhance security at your home and to protect your house, family and belongings. Remember always to close all the doors whenever you are going out lest you make the security system for your home ineffective.


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