How to feel more confident in your bathing suit

How to feel more confident in your bathing suit

Posted 2016-04-07 by Michael Sfollow
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Stripping down at the beach can make the best of us feel vulnerable and exposed. While investing time and energy worrying about how you look in your swimsuit isn’t healthy, these 5 tips can help you feel more confident in your swimsuit without losing a single kilo.

1. Treat your body with the love it deserves

If you wouldn’t speak to your family member or friend like that, don’t speak to your body like that. Our bodies are something that will be with us throughout our entire lives, so be gentle to it and nourish it with positive thoughts and care. The saying ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ means taking steps to look after your body by giving it lots of water to drink, taking time out to eat slower, walk more, and stretch.

2. Eat nutritiously

Diets are unsustainable quick fixes that do nothing for creating a healthy mindset and body. Instead, fill your diet with wholesome ingredients, fresh fruit and a variety of vegetables to ensure you get all the right nutrients from your food. This will reduce the groggy sensation from eating processed foods which can help decrease that weighed down feeling. Most things are best enjoyed in moderation, so don’t forget to treat yourself to your favourite indulgent food as well.

3. Choose a swimsuit right for you

Though there is debate over terms such as ‘hourglass’, ‘pear shaped’ or ‘column’ shaped body types, it is true that swimsuits don’t look the same for everyone. The key is finding one that makes you feel better, no matter what your body type. With styles like one-pieces, tankinis and bikinis, there is plenty of opportunity for you find one that’s right for you. A good fashion rule of thumb is that dark colours are more slimming while prints such as big polka dots, flowers or thick stripes, help to bring out curves.

4. Get a fake tan

A subtle fake tan, from a tanning moisturiser or lotion, helps to give your skin a healthy glow and reduce the appearance of dark marks and cellulite. It also helps limbs to appear more toned so you can walk around with confidence.

5. Exfoliate and moisturise

With hundreds of tiny particles buffing away dead skin cells, exfoliating products are a great way of helping you feel more anew. Choose a product that is organic and sugar based for a gentle scrub and remember the parts of your body that are normally forgotten - the backs of your knees, your heels and elbows - for a deep cleanse. Lathering up with a luxurious and nicely scented moisturiser will help give skin that lit from within glow.


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