How to Find a Suitable Solicitor or Conveyancer

How to Find a Suitable Solicitor or Conveyancer

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In past generations, most people were paying for certain products and that was the majority of the market. Today, the situation is quite different. Paying for services is also an important branch of the modern market. One of the sub-branches of this one is definitely conveyancing. In order to find the most appropriate person for this job, we are giving you a checklist of the qualities you should be looking for in that person. So, feel free to pass through and see if the person you have chosen is really that good.

{Know the Difference}

Although quite similar, a solicitor and a conveyancer are different. Basically, it comes to this: a solicitor is more skilful with the appliance of the law while a conveyancer is more suitable for “on the spot knowledge”; meaning that he/she will know more about the specific property you are interested in. In addition, hiring a solicitor will always cost you more than paying for services of a conveyancer, which is understandable, concerning their field of work. So, if a person you are hiring claims that he is both of those vocations, be careful. It may happen that he is “jack of all trades, but master of none”, and this type of person you do not want to hire.

{How to Find Them?}

Asking around will give you a pretty good start (for people are changing houses quite often nowadays), so friends, family, and business partners might be a good place to begin with. Also, sometimes real estate agents will give their recommendations, but that does not automatically guarantee a good experience and quality of service. This just means that two of them might have some sort of “deal” going on; the agent will recommend him to you and in return he will get some money. If you doubt this is the case, always ask the agent how much is he getting paid for advertising? If he avoids the answer, then it is safe to assume it’s a lot.

In addition, every solicitor must be a member of the Law Society and conveyancers must join the Council for Licenced Conveyancers, so naturally, websites of those groups can also serve as a referent point. A drawback of those sites is that you cannot check how much their services cost, nor the quality of their services.

{Are There Any of Them Online?}

Of course, as we said at the beginning, this branch is advancing, so many of those companies went viral and their type of work is primarily online-oriented now. Good sides of such approach are that in this way, company treats the same way property based in Sydney Downtown, and on the outskirts, while the companies that does business personally tend to “prioritize” files according to location sometimes. Another good thing is that you do not need to meet personally with people who are working for you; everything can be done via e-mail, so this will contribute to your flexibility and time management.
However, make sure to ask if they have all the needed licenses because a lack of those might lead you into serious trouble. For example, Think Conveyancing is certified by The Law Societies of Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and several others. This means that you can be certain that any situation which requires additional law involvement can be dealt with.


In the end, everything comes down to two things; trust and reputation. Successful companies know that your trust in them must remain unshaken, for if it does, you will be a negative advertisement for them and that can ruin their business in the long term. However, if you are not satisfied with how your case is being dealt with, you can always change companies; there are plenty of other businesses which will appreciate you more.


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