How To Improve Your Brains Performance

How To Improve Your Brains Performance

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“The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.” - Robert Frost
All jokes aside, our brains, unfortunately, use just a small percentage of their true processing power on a daily basis. A brain can experience a decrease in performance due to various reasons – poor nutrition, lifestyle, or just lack of use. The key to improving its processing speed is to make connections in the brain stronger, and allow brain signals to travel faster. Strategies for this purpose do exist. Here is how you can boost your brainpower and keep your mental health at its peak.


{Brain-Healthy Lifestyle}

Having plenty of exercise and staying fit does well for your brain, reducing the risks vascular problems (such as diabetes and high blood-pressure. Otherwise, the brain would not get enough oxygen and glucose that it needs. Turn to those exercises which you enjoy doing, because it cannot help you a lot if you are bored. Turn to a brainpower enhancing nutrients like blueberries, salmon, nuts and seeds, avocados, and vitamins D and B12. Get enough sleep , socialize and always keep learning new skills.


Endorphins are chemicals released by the brain – they make us feel more positive and improve our total well-being. Laughter is a natural boost for the release of endorphins, so watch a comedy movie, have fun and crack jokes – it is good for your brain.

{Breathe Deep}

Have a spare 10-15 minutes every day, and spend the time breathing deeply. This leads to oxygen increase and better brain blood-flow. Functioning potential of your brain will be improved.

{Crossword puzzles}

Solving crossword puzzles stimulates your brain, and brings out abilities such as recalling past events and critically thinking. The game is challenging, so if you happen to run on a crosswords section in your daily newspaper, grab a pen and build your brain power.


{Video Games}

Video games improve your brain’s performance because playing them requires good hand-eye coordination. Find a video game that you enjoy the most, you can play on your PC, or get an XBOX or a Playstation console.


The right hemisphere of the brain is the “creative” one (opposed to left hemisphere, which is “logical”), and listening to music strengthens it and changes its structure. Music makes you more emotionally intelligent. According to a Journal of Consumer Research, the sweet spot for creativity is a moderate noise level, which increases the level of processing difficulty. This then leads to higher creativity by promoting abstract processing
{Think From Multiple Perspectives}

When you find yourself in a situation which requires your perception and assessment of the situation, try to look at it from different angles. If you are still in school, for example, borrow and use the study notes of your school friends. In this way, you will absorb the same information, but in a different way. You will have a better understanding of the matter, and the knowledge is more likely to be retained for long. For this purpose, there are beneficial online student communities in which students can share notes from their HSC chemistry, history, biology or other syllabus.

{Taking Naps}

One or two 20-minute naps a day would improve your thinking and task-performance abilities. A nap gives you a quick mental boost and makes you feel refreshed. Grab it when you have the time.


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