How to Make an Animated Gif from a Youtube Video

How to Make an Animated Gif from a Youtube Video

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If you're holding a dinner party or celebrating a special event where you want your dining table to be perfectly set, here's a few tips and tricks on creating the perfect table setting.

[IMAGE1 Hosting a dinner party or simply decorating the table for a special event? Have a picture perfect table setting for the occasion.]

Time: Less than 10 minutes


  • Tip 1 Be sure to leave enough room for everyone to sit at the table comfortably. Don't try to crowd everyone in. Remember that guests need elbow room!

  • Tip 2 Place the cutlery about one inch (roughly three centimeters) from the edge of the table. Arrange it so that the pieces to be used first are the furthest from the plate. Forks are to the left and the knife and spoons to the right.

  • An easy way to remember this is that LEFT and FORK both have the same number of letters in the words. As so KNIFE, SPOON and RIGHT all have the same as well.

  • Tip 3 If a bread plate is to be used, it should be placed above the forks, with the butter knife in a horizontal position across the plate.

  • Tip 4 Glasses are arranged above the knife in order of their use. The water glass is usually at the tip of the knife with your beverage or wine glass to the right of the water glass.

  • Tip 5 If coffee or tea is to be served at the table, the cup is placed slightly above the right of the spoons. Alternatively, these can come to the table once dinner has completed prior to dessert.

  • Tip 6 The napkin is traditionally placed in the center of the dinner plate, unless the first course is already on the table. In that case, the napkin goes to the left of the forks or goes under the forks. Creatively folded napkins can also be a lovely addition.

  • Tip 7 Dessert cutlery may be on the table during the meal or it can be brought after with dessert. If it is on the table from the beginning, it should be placed above the dinner plate horizontally.

  • An illustration, courtesy of Betty Crocker, of the ideal table setting layout.

  • Tip 8 Before offering dessert, clear the table of all serving dishes, salt and pepper, cutlery and plates that will not be used for dessert.

  • Enjoy some great company and good food at a very beautifully laid out table!

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