How To Prepare and Landscape a Beautiful Garden

How To Prepare and Landscape a Beautiful Garden

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Preparing and landscaping your garden doesn’t have to be an arduous task. However, it will take some planning and a bit of work to ensure a beautiful garden. Below are some steps you can take to make your garden stand out and flourish.

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Clear Your Garden
Over the months your garden will collect dead leaves and other debris. Before you start with anything, clear out all the leaves, dead shrubs, and clean up the borders around your garden. You’re going to want a fresh canvas to work with. Also, be sure to clean up your greenhouse if you have one. Use an organic cleaner to clean the windows and benches, and be sure to sweep up the cuttings and other plant debris left over. If trimming is too much work for you, consider hiring a professional with the skills to do it at first. They know everything that goes on in landscaping. They will tell you how Toro ride on mowers is amazing. They can also tell you which equipment to use.

Get Rid Of Pests
Many insects like aphids and slugs enjoy the crowns of your perennial plants and they’ll need to be removed before they start causing problems later on. White vine weevils are another troublesome insect that feed on the roots of plants. If you haven’t cleared out the compost in your pots yet, check for larvae or aphid colonies before replanting. If you do see any of these pests, use a safe pesticide or parasitic nematodes to kill off the insects .

Garden Bed Soil Preparation
Turning the soil of your garden to remove rocks and roots is a must. Use a shovel for younger beds and a broad fork for older ones. Also, try to turn the soil over when it’s dry to prevent it from clumping up. Next, use an organic fertilizer to the amount that is required by the plants being grown . For example, lettuce is a light feeder so less fertilizer is needed than with more heavy feeders like tomatoes or broccoli. For intense feeders, like corn, you may want to consider digging trenches alongside the seeds to allow the fertilizer to seep in below the seeds and promote growth.

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Rain Barrels Or Water Butts
Collecting rainwater in barrels or water butts at the end of your downspouts, is a resourceful way to water your garden. Although watering your garden with tap water works alright, rain water has less alkaline than tap water and many plants like Rhododendrons and Blueberries thrive when using this method.

Fix Tools And Fences
Fixing your tools, or replacing them altogether, saves you time in the spring or summer when you’ll need them. The winter is the best time to not only get new tools, but to fix your fence and trellis. Although it’s cold outside, treating the wood on your barriers and tools also helps with preserving them in the summer when the humidity rises and the rains come.

Following the tips provided above, you now have the knowledge to prepare a wonderful garden in the spring. Remember to keep track of what you’re going to plant and organize your garden to ensure the best results.


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