How to Purchase a New Car

How to Purchase a New Car

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Purchasing a new car is a tedious and overwhelming process. There are countless vehicle types, models, and trims you can find in local and online dealerships, the sheer vastness of which can easily confuse even those with some experience under their belt. With careful planning and adequate preparation, however, one can make the process exciting and a good long-term investment. Here are five tips on how to purchase a new vehicle that suits your needs and budget.

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Identify Budget Restrictions

Price is the one factor that overrides any other factor there is when buying a car for the first time and nth time. How much you can shell out for a new car will determine what brand of vehicle you should be shopping for and what specifications and trim levels you should be expecting. Aside from the cost of the vehicle, you should also account for related expenses, such as vehicle registration and insurance premiums. Regardless, budget will dictate when to purchase a new car and when to stick to public transportation.

Determine the Need For Financing

After chalking up a budget, you'll know if you need financing or not, the former of which is the more commonplace conclusion that buyers end up with. Applying for a personal loan is a tedious process in itself. To get started, use an online car loan calculator to determine interest rate premiums you'll have to pay on a monthly basis. Put in how long you are looking to sign up for the loan, which can range anywhere between one to five years. Keep in mind that the sooner you are planning to pay off your car loan, the higher the interest rates charged. In Australia, the advertised rate ranges between 8 to 10 percent.

Determine Merits and Pitfalls of Dealer Versus Private Seller

Usually, deals that involve a buyer and private seller are a win-win situation for both parties. In some cases, however, working with vehicle brokers may be the more desirable route to take. This is because vehicle brokers provide a full service when it comes to a new car purchase, from the registration documents to the final signatures. If you are prepared and experienced in handling the red tape of car purchasing, then buying independent of any broker or dealer will be the more economical option. Prepare to check the vehicle's mechanical components and ask for pertinent information that validates the purchase including receipt of safe and valid registration and roadworthy certificate.

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Be a Good Negotiator

The techniques on how to negotiate a new car purchase can be applied to anything and everything in life. As such, many car buyers often already have the negotiation tactics and experience when they step into a dealership. Be a good negotiator by being assertive with your decisions, #sthash .r7O5mCge.dpuf">knowing all possible information that can affect the vehicle's price, and knowing the price gaps in the market for specific vehicle models. If you are aware that a Ford or Holden is well beyond or below its average ask price, then you know how wide of a space you can bargain with a private seller or dealership.

Register the Vehicle

The last piece of learning how to purchase a new car is registering it so that it becomes a legal transportation vehicle in Australia. The best way to purchase a new car is to ensure you can legally drive it without any potential complications and consequences later on. Register the vehicle through the overseeing agency designated to your state of residence.

Purchasing a new car should not feel like an unbearable chore, but rather something you can actually enjoy and relish every moment of. The step-by-step tips above should give you a better insight into the car purchasing market.


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