How to Save Money by Roasting Your Own Coffee

How to Save Money by Roasting Your Own Coffee

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People can stand to save hundreds and possibly thousands per year on coffee depending upon how often they drink coffee. There are the occasional coffee drinkers, and there are those who absolutely love coffee. These are the people who won't stay at a particular hotel unless they are able to have their favourite type and make sure it is of the right strength. So, let's explore how to save money on this favourite drink.

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Choose Coffee Wisely

More expensive coffees don't equate with better-tasting coffees. Don't go with more expensive brands of coffee assuming they taste better. Try out standard brand coffees, and experiment with popular brands that can be bought at the store. Opting for a major brand that can be purchased at the store can save over $1000 per year if the consumer regularly buys them by the cup when they're out.

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Add Your Own Flavours

There's no need to get a special type of coffee that offers extra flavours when you can add your own. Nearly anything can be added to coffee grounds before the hot water percolates. Add dried blueberries, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, cocoa, hazelnut, nutmeg or almonds. There are other flavours that can be added, such as vanilla extract to freshly brewed coffee. These additions can also be helpful in concocting a special type of creamer at home—also, at a fraction of the price.

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Roast Your Own Coffee

Roasting your own coffee beans is an easy way to save money. However, you need to find out where to buy green coffee beans for a low price. Some places charge as much as already roasted coffee beans. Here's how to roast coffee at home: First, you need to know that green coffee beans expand—double their size. Allow for this when you want to roast your own coffee. Use a large metal bowl and a heating gun for roasting your own coffee. Hold the heating gun at a 45 degree angle. You will want to immediately mix the beans around. When roasting own coffee beans, you will hear cracking sounds. This cracking sound signifies how roasted the beans are. The "first crack" means that the coffee beans are lightly roasted, and the "second crack" means that it is medium-roasted. Be careful that the coffee beans don't catch on fire. How much you save on coffee depends greatly on how much you drink and what kind you normally buy. However, you can stand to save about 20 cents on each ounce if you're used to buying Starbucks coffee beans. If you're used to Keurig, you will be saving $3 per ounce, which is an astonishing amount. An added benefit of buying green coffee beans is that they keep for a very long time—approximately two months, which means that you're less likely to toss them. Click here for other tips on how to roast your own coffee beans.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to obtain coffee for a reduced amount. However, if you can't wait for your birthday to come around, and there is no other way of obtaining a free gift card in sight, try visiting auction sites for gift cards. They are offered at a reduced price. Also, there are special sites that provide even steeper discounts on gift cards because people want to trade them for money. You could end up paying $3 for a $5 gift card.

Become a Member

Coffee clubs offer discounts to buying coffee. Better savings can be experienced if a large amount of coffee, even different brands and blends, are bought through the same coffee club. They also offer specials on coffee-of-the-month blends. It serves as a good way to try out new flavours and brands of coffee as well.

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Don't Brew the Whole Pot

If you're not going to drink an entire pot of coffee, don't make one. Think ahead. If you drink two cups of coffee in the morning, plan for that. If you have one later in the day, it's okay to make that ahead of time too, but be sure to turn off the burner because it will burn the coffee, and it will taste bitter. It's easy to reheat cold coffee. It tastes nearly the same as fresh brewed. Making coffee in this way will save a substantial amount in the long-run.

Reuse Coffee Grounds

Whether or not someone reuses half of their coffee grounds depends on them. Some swear that the taste of the coffee doesn't suffer, but this depends on how sensitive a coffee connoisseur's taste buds are. It begs to question whether there is a substantial amount of caffeine loss in practicing this money-saving trick.

Free Coffee

Many places offer coupons on free coffee. If you have to grab a bite to eat, you might as well enjoy free coffee and getting to work early. Some places offer free coffee on your birthday or other special occasions. Take advantage of these offers. It's easy to find these places online. Simply sign up on their website.

Big Retailers

Buying in bulk can help to save money. Big retailers are now selling fair-trade coffee. It takes a little research, but it's a smart buy that promotes fair prices, wages and labor around the world.

Coffee is the most popular drink around the world. It's not just the caffeine that's enjoyed. Coffee offers comfort, a pleasant aroma, warmth, nostalgia and novelty. People say that "there's no place like home". One could argue that there's no drink like coffee. After all, it's the second-most traded commodity in the world. The first is oil.


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