How to Sharpen Your Brain Train Your Mind

How to Sharpen Your Brain Train Your Mind

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If you want to maintain a healthy brain and high neural functioning even as you age, it is crucial to maintain a healthy regimen of exercises to keep your brain stimulated. Although it may seem counter intuitive, repeating the same cognitive tasks over and over does not actually help to keep the mind sharp. In fact, the key to maintaining high brain function is to mix it up and increase cerebral stimulation while combating mental fatigue. These tips will help you create a customised brain workout no matter your age.

Use Your Non-dominant Hand

By switching up the hand that you would typically use to perform daily tasks, you will engage your mind in creating and stimulating new neural connections. This seemingly simple challenge keeps the brain alert as it learns how to perform a variety of routine functions in a new way.

Exercise Your Brain Like a Muscle

It is vitally important to train your brain. It's no secret that when we focus on strengthening our muscles, they perform better. The same is true of the brain. Seemingly simple and fun activities like puzzles and games can help keep your brain on the right track.

For instance, the snake cube puzzle is an excellent example of a fun way to train your brain. Comprised of a chain of 27 cubelets with an elastic band running through the middle, the snake cube puzzle is a brain buster that requires you to arrange the cubelets into a 3x3x3 cube. Before brushing this off as an easy feat, be warned that the difficulty lies in arranging the very last piece. Remember, brain training is necessary, so the challenge in completing this mind-bending puzzle is well worth the effort required.

Another fun brain puzzle to add to your brain training routine is figuring out how many objects or shapes are contained within a picture. At first glance, these picture riddles seem obvious to the passive observer, but after some more focused concentration, it will become apparent that tallying up the total number of shapes contained within a larger picture can take serious focus.

Memory games are another great option for your brain training routine. Easily found online or available as card and board games in stores, memory games require intense concentration and can help strengthen and create neural connections.

Feed Your Mind Well Everyday

The old saying that you are what you eat also applies to your brain. When embarking on a brain healthy regimen, it is important to also maintain a diet of brain healthy foods.

- Adding oily fish to your diet will boost your levels of essential fatty acids, which are essential for normal brain function.

- Powerful antioxidants are found in both tomatoes and blueberries, which both boast many other health benefits besides supporting healthy brain function. Incorporating blueberries and tomatoes into your diet does not require much effort but can produce significant improvement in your brain health.

- Broccoli is widely recognised as another brain super food because it is an excellent source of vitamin K. Vitamin K has been proven to improve cognitive function and brainpower.

- Nuts are touted as an excellent addition to your diet for preventing cognitive decline.

- Sage is also recommended for its ability to improve memory function.

By making a concerted effort to incorporate brain training exercises and a brain healthy diet into your daily routine, you are well on your way to preserving and improving your mental processing abilities. Brain health is an vitally important element of a healthy lifestyle, so spending some time each day on a new brain puzzle or game can pay dividends in maintaining your brain and overall health.

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