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Roof tiles are an important part of your house. They make your entire property look more attractive. They also help to protect the structure of your home against damage from water and other elements. You can do several things to keep your roof tiles in good shape for a long time.

Check for Damaged Tiles Regularly

Your first stop should involve checking the tiles on the roof for damage on a regular basis. You want to do this at least once every season and after any severe weather. You are specifically looking for missing tiles, worn tiles or cracking. Take action immediately if you find anything wrong. You want to maintain a good knowledge of what is going on with your roof tiles at all times.

Wash Your Tiles the Right Way

Debris and dirt can slowly start to wear away and damage your roof tiles. You need to wash your tiles in the right way. Never attempt to use a power washer to clean the tiles. The pressure can dislodge or break the tiles over time. When washing roof tiles, you need to do everything by hand. This means using a stiff cleaning brush and water or mild detergent. You can use a short trowel to clean out any tougher debris in tight areas.

Apply Protective Products

You will want to apply protective products to your roof tiles. It is important to choose products that are appropriate for the tile roofing material. The first product should be a primer. The primer is going to help prevent water damage while also preserving the color of the tile. If your tiles are painted, then make certain to touch up or redo the paint when it starts to wear away. The final product should be a sealant. This will protect the tiles against a variety of common hazards.

Watch How You Interact With the Roof

You can unintentionally damage your roof tiles when trying to clean them or make simple repairs. You need to be very careful about how you interact with the tiles on the roof. Do not walk over damaged areas or along the edges of the roof. The best option is to put down a wide board over the areas where you want to walk. This will help to distribute your weight over a larger region so that the chance of damaging any tiles is greatly reduced. You also want to avoid putting heavy tools or equipment directly on the tiles.

Call In Professionals Occasionally

You do not want to rely on just your own skills and judgement when maintaining your roof tiles. You want to have a property inspection done by a professional occasionally. It will help to schedule an inspection at least once every year or two. Call in a professional if you see problems that you cannot address. Professional building inspections can reveal structural and other issues that could be harming your roof and the tiles.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspout

A final step is to maintain your gutters and downspout. Problems with these important parts of your roof could lead to damaged or missing tiles. You want to keep the gutters clean and tightly attached to the fascia. Use a gutter guard if necessary. This will prevent water or ice from backing up and slowly destroying your roof tiles.

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